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rotary racing mazda rx8s for sale

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 Im planning on building a couple of mazda rx7 turbo cars for chumpcar so the rx8s must be sold first i have 2 mazda rx8 cars with trailer and tons and tons of spares we have raced 3 times in 2017 both cars passed 2017 tech and with a trans swap into the 133 car and some basic things such as pads etc they are ready to race.both cars start right up and run fine car 133 needs a trans installed and 38 needs a shifter.the 38 car has done about 15 races finishing all but about 2 races.car 133 has done 8 events finishing all but 3 events.I have tons more pics and info if wanted price is 12,000 for both cars all spares one rolling parts car and 2 non rolling parts cars and a open trailer i have well over 25k in everything way way to much to list here.I might sell the cars and trailer seperate at 5k a car and 2k for trailer but will try to sell all as package deal to start.The parts cars you dont have to take but are all full of thousands of dollars worth of spares


I have raced the cars for 3 years they have done lots of racing they are right now a 660 value b class car but the next year or so they should be down to a 500 point car even with the coilovers and larger oil pan they both have.They are quick and for most part have been reliable 


For any driver that has signed up with us for the 24hr vir event for 2017 which are 5 of you we will still do the event if the cars are not sold.If we sell cars you will all be refunded at least 1 month before event.I plan to have the turbo rx7 cars going for 2018









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38 car had a trans replaced early then went rest of the race got 64th overall and 7th in b class.133 had a wire issue i had to track down but found the issue and fixed it only for car to go back out and lose a clutch fixed that then it lost the trans 30 min later.not the best day for 133 but it happens sometimes 133 car has done road atlanta and vir this year already with not much issues.133 got 23rd at vir a few weeks ago

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yeah its a deal for everything plus cars have been run several times and finished alot of races they are pretty well sorted out.if i dont sell them i will just continue to race them.i have changed so many things on the cars to new parts the list is long


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