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Drivers looking for COTA openings

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Ben Hankinson here.


My father (Tom) and our friend (Andre) and I are looking to compete in the Chumpcar race this May at Circuit of the Americas. We are wanting to create a Chumpcar team to compete full time but would like to drive in a race before we go out and buy a car and get fully started. If anyone has any extra openings for the COTA race please get in touch with me so we can hopefully work something out. We are fairly experienced. The three of us have been racing Karts (yes, its a big difference) for a long time, and have also competed in Road car races in the past.


If no one has three openings we are willing to divide so if there is 3 teams with only 1 opening or one team with 2 and one with 1, etc. please don't hesitate to get in contact with me, as this is more about us getting Chumpcar experience so if we have to divide to do that, that is okay.


Hope to hear from some of y'all.




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Hey Ben...our team is mostly Orlando guys and we've been doing Chumpcar for a couple of years. We just finished did the Daytona race last weekend and finished 6th overall, so we're getting a little better. 

If you guys have any questions or need any help feel free to ask. 


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