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Clarification on Volunteering Race Credit?

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When I have done it in the past and hope to continue to do this year it was done at $10 an hour. You could either have it applied to you directly as cash in hand or you could have it added to your team's credits and apply to entry fee's and the such. It is usually done on a per person basis and your whole team does not have to attend. I know I was able to volunteer the 24 last year and basically after a certain number of hours I had a free entry into the next race of my choice. Just keep in mind (and this could have changed) but usually when there was chumpchange still around you had to use it within the same year. 

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Back in January I suggested to Mike that they better publish and clarify the volunteer credits. Here are the answers I got:


Andrea:  "As far as volunteer credits, we pay $10/hr cash, $100/day for credit for each day of a double event and $200 for a single event longer than 10 hrs (we usually offer $300 for the 24 hour races). We will give any team of 4 who works an entire event their next race entry free."


Mike: "Volunteers are paid $100/8hr day in race credits or $10/hr in cash."

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2 hours ago, thewheelerZ said:

Team of 4, entire event and get a free race.  That's a decent little carrot.

We did it with the Fall RA race last year.  Used it for the Vegas race.  It was quite nice!


We will also be doing that again this year, however using it for Barber this time around.

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