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Tim and Aaron (T&A) Racing, official thread!

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New team, not so new people.



Like and follow our page, it's dyno proven to give your car +5 whp


T&A racing is a new team to the series based out of Rochester, NY with Watkins Glen being our home track and first race.

We are building a 1992 BMW E36 325i and hoping we can be competitive by using the golden standard car + our experience + relentless weight savings and time working on the car.


Who are we?


Tim - He has a background of way too many hours of iRacing.  After one real life nascar experience event he jumped into a chumpcar and was on pace with drivers who had a decade of track days.  I like to think he's the calm, critical thinker of the team.   Tim ran with Spork Sports and Kim Jung Il racing integras for a couple years before starting his own team, 90 proof racing which campaigned a Ford Probe.


Aaron (me) - I'm the optimist, creative mind, marketing arm of the team.   I started out driving autoX and drag racing in the late 90s early 2000s and then moved on to track days before chump.  I was also involved with Spork and Kim racing until this year and approached Tim because we both had the same attitude about wanting to own and run a team that we could dump money into to be competitive while having a good time.


The Car!


We had a couple good ideas: 1999+ V6 mustang, Saturn Sky, and the 3 series we ended up with.   We wanted the classic formula: LSD, manual transmission, RWD, race proven.

In the end, the BMW won and we picked up two cars:  A tan one from Orlando, FL and a white one from Buffalo, NY (but lived in CA much of its life).   The tan car was cleaner, so the white car is for parts and spares.


The build!


Working in a 2 car garage we are doing it all, with a little help from friends here and there. I like to think we are what chumpcar wants for races in this series.

The car is getting the typical diet, a bilsteins + H&Rs, mig welded cage, Chinese surge tank, and all the other usual chump tricks. 


Our first race will be the glen this year.  We're renting seats to a local friend and your favorite forum troll @dogtired so see your all at the bar and hopefully also on track.


To catch up, here are our weekly vlogs so far:







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