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Wing Mounting and Theory...


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Mounting rear wing.

The height of the wing stays the same, but changing the mounts is affecting the angle. The bottom wing is fixed. The top and sides are adjustable.

The wing is not at the top of the roof line and is approx 1/3 of the way down. The car has a rear window.


1) If I mount the wing with the mounts facing forward as designed, the bottom wing is at approx 13 degrees at the leading edge.  The top and sides are adjustable from 15-25 degrees. (Pic 1 below)


2) If I turn the mounts around, (pic 2), the bottom wing is at approx 0 degrees at the leading edge. The top and sides are adjustable from 5-15 degrees.


Have read a ton of different articles...


My  thought is reversing the mounts and having a leading edge of 0 on the bottom wing. I am concerned that if I go the designed route, 13 degrees is too much and will be more drag compared to the downforce gain. But then, because the wing is not at the roof line, I wonder if the 13deg would actually be better? Thoughts?





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18 minutes ago, skierman64 said:

What's that green factory wing made of?  Is the force on the aftermarket wing going to flex that factory wing and change all the angles?  

Fiberglass and metal.

The mounts for the new wing line up exactly with the mounts of the existing where it is all one piece and reinforced. I don't think it will flex.

Here is a shot of how the back looks where the factory wing mounts and you can see the supports. I drilled the holes for the mounts all the way through the fiberglass and reinforced metal in the deck lid and going to run 4" bolts into the trunk to mount it.

Dodge Shadow Turbo 016.jpg

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2 hours ago, Team Infiniti said:

Be careful, had one similar crack the uprights and fly off during a event (even keeping a eye & welder on it)

Interesting... Where did it crack them at? Where the top of the mount screws into the bottom of the wing?

I was thinking about running a weld along the mounts and wing bottom to reinforce it. Maybe will tie in a piece of safety wire too...

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