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COTA 2017! READ!!!!

Bill Strong

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Thinking of racing at the Circuit of the Americas May 12-14? Sign up now! There will be some AWESOME raffle prizes open to all COTA 2017 race starters. One hint is the sponsor!! ChumpCar World Series at Circuit of The Americas Presented by Coolshirt. Sign up now! wait... hold on... What's that Mike? You really want me to say that? Free racing in 2018? no... get me more details before I post that! more details to follow..

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14 hours ago, Snake said:

Is COTA the full course?


We raced there three times last year and it was always full course.  

One time they threaten to put a chicane in the 11-12 straight but that didn't happen.

The only time I have seen it anything other than full course was Karts and Super V8's.

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###################  Track Walk -- Friday 5PM  ######################


With the blessing of ChumpCar and CoTA I have arranged to have a track walk hosted by a good friend of mine, West Dilliard.


West has been the Porsche Club of America Chief Driving Instructor for Texas for as long as I have known him and he is also a National PCA Club Race Steward.

He has raced CoTA numerous times and is a wealth of just basic racing knowledge.


We will Meet outside the Medical Center -- which is located across from pit out from the lounge and viewing area at 4:45PM Friday evening.

Please keep in mind that the track is hot until 5PM -- and you will be crossing the exit of the track and the entrance to the paddock as you 

make your way to the medical center.


The walk will begin at 5PM sharp, and will last until approximately 6pm.  Walking only, no other form of transportation is allowed.

It will be hot, please bring some water.  No other food or beverage will be allowed on track.  Please pack out what you pack in.

If I hit debris on Saturday -- I'll be dusting for fingerprints :-)


This should be a unique experience, will be great for first timers and experienced CoTA folks.  Anybody with access to the track is welcome.

At this time I am not aware of any age restrictions -- but CoTA may inform me of such at any time -- so please understand if we 

have to limit access -- it wasn't our fault.


We have to stay together as a group -- and we will not allow stragglers on track.  Please be mindful there is a lot of elevation changes and

the walk combined with the heat maybe strenuous.  Where appropriate footwear.  The walk will be approximately 3 miles long, with 

significant elevation changes.  Please use your best judgement.  I'd prefer to be honing my driving skills, not my first aide and CPR skills.


thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Friday.




Mike Seningen

#485 Krueger Tuned Racing South


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