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For Sale! BMW E30 Wheels and Used Tires - TIREAPALOOZA!!!

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FOR SALE!  Outfit your BMW E30 team (and some for an E36) with used wheels and tires for cheap!  

We are selling 12 (7X15) wheels that are the TireRack Motorsport wheels.  Some in Silver and some in Gray.  These are $99 before shipping and mounting costs.  They all have pretty good used tires on them.  




Some wheels are mounted Rivals (7 3 remaining) and some are Hankooks( 5one remaining)both 225 width.  SOLD 4 wheels with Hankooks on them, 4 of the Rivals are pending.  Most tires are 50 to 80% tread left.  Wheels will be sold with the tires on them for $95 for both the wheel and the tire.  Unmounted tires are $20 each. Use them up at a test and tune or excellent for backups.  When can you have TOO many wheels and tires?!


We also have some unmounted 15in tires with tread just asking to be abused on track:

5 Rivals in 225/45/15 

5 Direzzas in 205/50/45


Yes, we found some 17in tires for your BMW E36 as well:  SOLD all 17s!!!!

4 Direzza Z1 Star Specs 245/40/17

3 Direzza Z2 Star Specs 255/40/17


If you are interested in the wheels/tires, we can haul the tires to Road America for the race May 5-7th so those racing/attending/heckling can pick them up. Better let us know before May 3rd to haul them to Road America. Otherwise they are located in the Minneapolis area. Thanks for your interest.


Pics to follow.



18194804_10212730918611663_803004607229968488_n (1).jpg






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selling fast!
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5 hours ago, ABR-Glen said:

Experience tells me that when racing at Heartland Park you can never have too many tires. Oddly enough I have a "set" of seven 17" wheels to match. 


We went thru 12 new tires at that last HPT race.  They were absolute junk, 100% used up.  We would have used more had we had them.

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We finished that race with our third set of tires showing cords. Hopefully the new surface will be much kinder, but these will be cheap insurance. I'd be happy to see it back on the schedule regularly, it's a fun track to drive. 

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