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Car ready for COTA - needs new owner

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85 Celica GTS race car for sale - ready to race today.  Will bring to COTA with new tires and support your team as you run your new car throughout the race - only $7,000!  If you just want the car (with scrub tires) to learn it yourself, give us a call.


Call Daniel at Rusert Machine - (432) 684-7644  


If you are tired of always working on a race car (at home and in the pits) instead of taking the time to become a good driver - this is your solution.  Plus, you gotta admit - this is a good-looking car.


2.4L 22RE motor, 5 speed, Independent rear suspension, 53/47 weight balance, under 2100 lbs


  • 3 overall wins

  • 8 top 10’s

  • B class winner 2015 Central Region Chumpionship


The car is extremely reliable, winning the B class all 3 races we ran in 2015 and taking 5th overall in the 37 hour race in 2014.  By now it is well-sorted and we have a solid maintenance program (which comes with the car) that keeps reliability in the car. 


The car is very neutral and easy to drive – newer drivers pick up speed and confidence quickly.  The car brakes strong and mid-corner grip is hard to beat in the Chumpcar series.  It really shines on tight courses – 3 races on the 1-mile Texas Motor Speedway infield – 2 wins, 1 2nd.  The 16 gallon fuel cell will last a full 2 hour stint most tracks as it gets great fuel economy.


Here are some examples of lap times:

Road America – 3.00

Harris Hill – 1.33

Texas World Speedway – 2.05


This car is ready to race and passed Chumpcar tech in 2016.  There is room to continue to modify the car as it is under 300 points currently.  This car comes with a log book and maintenance schedule, with part numbers for replacement parts.  We learned which parts live in endurance racing so you don’t have to experience the failures.


Key features:

Fresh motor – 150+hp at tire

Adjustable front camber

Brake bias adjustment

Large aluminum radiator

Header (wrapped), 2.5 inch exhaust

205/50/15 tires on 15 x 8 stock car steel wheels

Rear diff welded

Side fill fuel cell

All safety items in compliance (fire system, cage, fuel cell, belts, net)

67-driver side.jpg

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