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2X 3rd gen camaros and a pile of cheaty bits

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I have a pair of Camaros that I need to get rid of.  They were chump cars that never came to be.  I need them gone.  I need less cars. Take my cars.  Plan was to take all the good stuff from the black one and put it in the orange one and have a bunch of spares.  Never really got going just spent a bunch of money and accumulated a lot of crap.  This would be a good start for someone who want to race some 3rd gen Camaros.


1989 (i think I have to check the paperwork) Black, 5.7L TPI V8, Automatic, Z28, has limited slip, rear disk brakes, interior stripped.  Body is ok, was hit behind the rear axle didn't touch anything important but you can see the repair.


1988 (i think I have to check the paperwork) burnt orange, rs, no engine, body is fairly good, interior is mostly complete.  it is a drum brake car.  no engine or transmission.


Comes with lots of good stuff:

Brand new ground control springs and weight jacks (Cost $489)

Spindles with custom hubs long studs and and modified for corvette brakes

Unbalanced engineering adjustable panhard bar new 

Unbalanced engineering panhard relocation bracket

Extra rear axle with LSD with aluminum disc brakes and long wheel studs

UMI LCA relocation brackets

New poly bushing set

2X t-5 transmissions

New Howe racing long front ball joints (for front roll center correction)

Subframe connectors

aluminum and steel driveshafts

Lots of other random bits not worth listing


$2000 obo open to reasonable offers.


Located in Auburn WA.  Will be willing to deliver within 200 miles or so if you pay for fuel (i will have to make 2 trips as I can only haul one car at a time)


I don't want to trade for any other car stuff.  I don't want to break this stuff up so don't ask

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