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Sticker application made easy

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If you didn't know there are new windshield stickers as well as the side sponsor sheet. Watching a couple of teams trying to put them on in wind was not looking like fun. Here's the trick, Windex the area you're putting the sticker. Then place the sticker onto the Windexed area. You'll be able to move the sticker till you get it "perfect"(some of you will take hours... don't). Use a credit card to squeegee the fluid from behind said sticker and trim off any excess sticker. There may be some temper mental corners but don't fret just keep working with it. Hope this helps. :)

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There was a discussion about this embedded in a thread.


Good advice here.


I will caution using Windex.  Soapy water works as well and does not affect the adhesive like Windex can.

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44 minutes ago, Justin9 said:

Part baby shampoo, part water, add a bit of rubbing alcohol...  put this in a spray bottle...  it is basically the same stuff the pros use...


Alcohol abuse....I don't approve this message

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1 hour ago, Ham Sammich said:

I'm always in a hurry, slap it on dry with wrinkles and enormous folded over spots.  I then blame in on the well meaning neighbor kid who likes to help out... (but doesn't actually exist)





At my house that kids named "Not Me", and is responsible for quite a bit of misfortune.

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Good morning fellow Chumps.  I wanted to take a moment to chime in on what our guys recommend regarding the decal application process.  The material that we use is a high grade 3M product that we use for full vehicle wraps as well.  The material obviously has an adhesive backing, as such, we DO NOT recommend using any type of liquid substance on the surface prior to application.  I have attached a guide that we have started including in the decal packages we mail out (with a free squeegee as well) that helps folks like myself who are not a skilled vinyl applicator, have the best results installing the decals.  


We have folks with decades of experience installing vehicle graphics.  More than two years ago, we wrapped several city buses here in Richmond.  Those things lead a pretty tough life, each day going through a full friction brush wash at the end of the day.  Those wraps still look good today and the only graphics that needed replacing we due to collisions, not vinyl failure.  Good materials installed properly will hold up for quite some time.







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We always used soapy water on GM decals (think Z71 or 4x4 on box sides) to allow adjustment before squeegong it out. 


Been a while but never had an issue. Putting themon dry was a recipe for crooked or wrinkled decals. 

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