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Successful autoxer, Master Technician

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Hey everyone. I'm looking to move up and out of autox and Chump Car seems a logical step up. I'm located in southern WV and am looking to work and possibly drive for VIR events. I DO NOT have on track experience as of yet. I am an accomplished, sponsored (racershq.com) autocrosser at my local club level (brr-scca.org). I am a Master Toyota technician with 16+ years of experience so wrenching on the car when needed is no problem. I am easy on equipment and would not abuse the vehicle if driving. I'm merely looking to get my foot in the door of road racing and not break the bank. If I need to work as crew on a race weekend to prove my worth I'm willing to do that as well. I view myself as professional and a bit of a perfectionist and seek other professionals who take pride in everything they do. Let's give this a go.



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why aren't you in florida  I've got twp Toyota paseos and have just had the dubious pleasure of rebuilding both engines ( successfully I hope )    If y'aa ebver want to play in florida  let me know   (or i'll sell you the cars cheap

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