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chronic renter looking for May 20-21st Thunderhill seat

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I moved back to the west coast. Trying to squeeze in a race before my wife moves out. I am desperate enough for wheel time that I'll race Lemons. I race a lot. I have rented from something like 10 teams. Have been to 18 different tracks and participated in 25+ race weekends. I have been trained to do over the limit vehicle evaluations by multiple car manufacturers where I did engine/chassis controls. I had my SCCA competition license but let it expire because it was too expensive to race in. I use iracing regularly and have my B license. I can provide references and have videos. They can actually be found on my website. https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/   along with additional info. I am looking to spend ~$250 per hour, yes I know that no one actually charges by the hour but this is my rule of thumb. 







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I actually charge by the hour: $200. I registered for the race long ago, but my Miata isn't running (still). I suppose I could run my B-Spec, but it's a fresh build and taking it to a Lemons race is a bit of a risk. There are also late fees at this point. I was actually planning on running it at the Lemons test day. That's $399 for ~7 hours of track time + $199 per extra driver (I have a potential new teammate who would join me). The whole day with consumables would be about $1000 of which I expect to pay $500. So how much would it cost to race instead of practice? Team registration is $1300 + $500 in late fees (2 late drivers). Consumables would run about $800 plus an additional $25/hr for random wear-n-tear. So that's $3000 for 3 people. I don't want to pay more than about $700. That leaves $2300 for the arrive-n-drives. Expected driving time is 5.75 hours per arrive-n-drive (I'm recovering from knee surgery and won't drive more than 1 90-minute stint per day). That comes out to $200 per hour. Huh, it's the usual rate.

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