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1994 BMW E36. no motor or trans. Was hit in the left front. I pulled the motor and trans for my conv. I was going to make a track car out of it and that didn't work out. I did take it past a frame shop after I pulled the motor and they said they could pull it out. Everything from the fire wall back is in decent shape. So if you need any parts for a e36 this is your car. Text me and I can send pictures. No title.  Im giving the car away so not going to go thru a bunch of hoops to get ride of it. If someone doesn't get it soon I will load it up and scrape it. I just hate for it to be crushed when I know there are plenty of chumper's out there that could use the body panels. Its basically a roller right now. So tons of good used spare parts. 

4*19  2*  3* 6  07**64  texting works best for me. 

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