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Got to give a shout out to:

- TRC for the anti fog "solution" lol

- TWOth for getting us a rad for the problematic 81

- KJU for helping changing tires

- Chump Monkey for the last second fire bottle attendant


To me this is what makes Chump a great group of people.  Thanks again, guys.


Good and not so good weekend for the team but I think we're improving in some areas.  Just need to work on some other things to get us better prepared.


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I'm glad CMR was able to help you guys out as our CRX was running around the track with parts from a distributor that Ken lent us. We lost the first 3 hours of the race messing with electrical problems. With Ken and Tom's help, we managed to get the engine running and finished the race on a high note. 

Thanks to all.



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