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Fiero chump ready and lots of spare parts

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!984 Fiero 4 spd 3800 sc. Built for chump car. have log book and inspection. Car was built and raced once. Car is very fast just needs some suspension tuning. We have tons of spare parts to go with car. Car is extremely well built. You can see the entire build at "Throttle Shop Racing" facebook page. Make an offer if you are serious. we have over $10,000 in the build, we know we wont get close to that but will not give it away. It is street legal just needs headlights put back in it as they were heavy ad had to go. It has spec 3 6 puck clutch, grand am brakes, drill rotors hawk hps pads and full new spare set of pads. s-10 brake booster and master. Aluminum Radiator. Very well built cage ($3,000) 2 1/2" true dual exhaust 3" cold air intake. custom wiring harness for the 3800 with spare ECU. Full gage's every bushing was replaced with poly. all ball joints and tie rods are new. Coil over rear strut conversion. There is more then this done to the car call and we can talk. Car will need fire system and racing harness to pass tech. as we used those on our new car. Call or text Andrew 716-499-7794 or Rick 716-499-7121


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So, this is a 3.8-liter V-6? What did it come out of? I know some Fiero GT's had V-6s, but those were 2.8 liter. Is it throttle-body injection, or does it have some other intake system? How many points does it have in Chumpcar? What is "spec 3 6 puck clutch"? What kind of transmission is in it (e.g., Muncie, Getrag, 4-spd, 5-spd)? You've clearly poured a great deal of effort and money into this car. Why the change? Where is the car located?

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It is a series II BUICK with a super charger. Most common Fiero swap out there is. Muncie 4spd. The car is light and has a small cockpit. I am 6' 250lbs. And 56 years old. To hard to safely get out, for me. My son is 24 160 lbs and has no problem. We decided to build something we know. We have owned 11 srt-4 and they were a 1500 point car until this year. Car was a D class with no penalty laps last year. This year you would have to do the math but I think it is straight EC. Clutch is what it says. Spec stage 3, 6 puck with springs. 

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