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1969 Datsun 510 Chump car with Swap

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Ok..  I need to move this car.. 

I'm gonna post it for 1 week before I go a different route.. 

The car had ran in Lemons and in Chump.

1969 Datsun 510 4 Dr.  Longer chassis for better handling.
It has the firewall cut and moved back 12" roughly to install the Z car strait 6. 
This car was built by ME. 25 years of Datsun racing knowledge went into the build. 
It handles like a dream.  Has disc brakes all the way around.  Will run 14"-17" tires. 
Car is very well sorted. Twin SU carbs are off the motor for storage.  Has not raced in 5 years. 
Would not take much to be race Ready again.
I will give you a truck load of spares and another chassis with the car.  Also a spare motor.  

I have  2.6 and 2.8 engines. 

Engine choice depends on point you need for the swap.  It currently has a fresh 2.6 in the car..140 rw hp for the swap calculator. 
This is a 1 time , no haggle deal and it must be picked up asap..

$2500 cash.. 

As the car sits it is at 310 points in the engine swap calculator including the chassis modifications. 
The car starts at 100 points.. 

I have a feeling it will be very competitive for years to come.  

Has an aluminum seat , fire system , full gauges , fuel cell , lean. 

Car weighs 2200lbs due to the massive 1 3/4 roll cage and 1/8" intrusion plates in the door. 
This car is VERY SAFE.. 

Feel free to call me with any questions..


404 374 5498

Located 10 min from Road Atlanta






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Wow nice build, awesome price.  


On the hp thing, this is before hp SAE so it was gross hp at the time.  If this were mine I would be asking tech to multiply hp by at least .85 for the calculator.  Then you can go to town making some hp with those extra points.  

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