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Pre-Race Technical Inspection Approval

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We haven't raced in about 18 months and have 3 races lined up for this summer.


We don't want to get to the race and find out we have a major cage or other issue, is there a way to take the car somewhere and have it inspected so when we get to the track we know it will pass. We do this with our NASA car and was wondering if Chump had the same option.


We're in the Atlanta area.

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10 hours ago, LAMR2 said:

The battery in the passenger compartment also needs to be contained in a box of some kind.

There was a clause in the rules that an optima or other similar battery did NOT need to be in a box.

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8 minutes ago, CGDerian said:

guess I skipped rule 3.2.9:blink:


Certainly would recommend the dash bar, just keep it well above your chins.




HUH. I never noticed that either. I'm pretty surprised they are not mandatory. I wouldn't want to take a forward door shot w/o one (I really don't want to take a door shot with one for that matter...)


For what it will cost, which probably is not a whole lot, have your cage guy do that while he's got the car for the nascar bars. 

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