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Cheap tablets - reliability?

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Does anyone have any experience with cheap tablets (or phones, or whatever in reality) for use as a lap timer?


This is on sale at the moment for only CDN$49. DataWind Senior Simple 7 inch Android 2G calling tablet




Pretty cheap, but do you think it would hold up?


We are currently using a cheapo phone android phone.  It is really light, and has proven flawless so far, so Im a bit hesitant to even bother replacing it.  But it has a pretty small screen and something bigger would be kind of nice.

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I use one that cost $39, it works great and the big numbers are way easier to see than on a phone. Like the others have said charging cable is the biggest problem, every problem I have had is from the cable coming loose and the battery dying. In the end I got a really short cable and JB welded it to the tablet, that has worked.



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