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Good morning (well it is morning here),


I would like to paint a quick picture of why I have sent this email (other than to wish you a good morning/ afternoon) and posted it also here.


Firstly I am a motorsport lover and I have been heavily involved in Karting and at one point of time was a writer for a regional newspaper under the alias of “Motor Mouth”.

That was all some time ago and I am now 53.


Recently like a percentage of men my age I discovered I had prostate cancer and as a result had an operation and befriended many people around the world through forums.


Being a motorsport lover (and a person keen to assist the battle against this cancer) I found a group in Australia similar to your group that assists the Prostate Cancer Foundation so my goal is to create a race team and compete in several of the rounds they hold if their dates permit.    Whilst MY team will also raise funds itself in Australia we want to use the car and promotions we create as an education tool for the foundation.


As said prior I have created a few friends in the US and I have noticed that your group runs a similar type of race event to which I would like to investigate bringing an entire team over from Australia not so much for fundraising (although we will do some ourselves through holding a few sponsored dinner events) but largely for the purpose of assisting men in the education of this hideous thing called prostate cancer (if we assist just ONE person having this diagnosed early then most likely we have saved a life which the effort lone is worthwhile.


I am really not looking for anything from your group other than some guidance on race dates (maybe even 2018) along with some solid advice on purchasing a car and selling it at the end (would be great to bring over a V8 Holden Monaro etc. but I think the cost would be to high).


All drivers of course would have race skills (although we can’t offer Daniel Ricardo) but safety, fun and good-hearted competiveness will be our creed on race day/s.


Who knows we may even be your first international team. 

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8 hours ago, Australia- Team Destroyer said:


Who knows we may even be your first international team. 



Good morning and welcome.  Far from being the first international team.  There is ChumpCar which is a USA, there is also ChumpCar Canada.  Many teams cross the Canadian/USA border to be international teams. 


First off-continent team?  I think a full team came over from Sweden to rent a ride.


First team from Australia?  Maybe.


Regardless... let's race.

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I MAY have something for you ..I've got a couple of ex chump/lemons Toyota passeos and have just finished rebuilding the engines    like you ten pound pommies . I am Canadian eh  and go to florida end oct..   cars are there engines are with me       Will try to keep in touch  hoping to be ready for the new years eve sebring   and/ or daytona if the will let this old fart run (retired scca racer since the 90's  lol   turning 70

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