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03-05 17" 350Z OEM wheels (set of 4) - low low price of a good IPA

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More shop clean out stuff. Spring cleaning in the summer...


Set of 4 stock 350Z wheels, 17", overall very decent shape, some paint chipping, looks like no major curb rash. Don't know much about them so google the specs. Neighbor gave me these knowing I race and might could find a home for them.


I am set up as a kill shelter, these have a very limited life span left and will be scrapped soon. I'm in the Ormond Beach 32174 area, would be willing to hold them til Sebring in Sept if someone is serious about taking them to make another 3 months of storage and hauling to Sebring worth it.


Asking price 12 pack of a decent IPA, or possibly a 10 pack if you are willing to drink a couple when you pick them up and we lie to each other for 15 minutes about how good we are at racing.




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Interwebz says 7.5, I could have sworn I saw somewhere else spec them @ 8"




You aren't really a drinker are you? That will require a full price payment, unless you send in a teammate :lol:


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Any sort of easily obtainable "session" or American Pale is fine, something @ Publix or whatnot. Don't go getting all fancy. 


New Belgium Voodoo IPA, Sweetwater 420 or any of their IPA's, Sierra Nevada Pale or IPA


We can still talk about how good we are LOL.


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2 hours ago, Justin9 said:


I want in on this story....


Ok fine, you can drink 2 of Ed's beers. That's your limit anyways.


Edit: Wait - is this Barney's debut?? Or are you just coming down to slum around the pits? We can use the help.

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18 hours ago, Team Infiniti said:

The light you see is shining through rust holes :P:ph34r:


i actually had a funny moment the other day looking for something, I think it was the bearing thing for the end of my steering shaft, I searched everywhere.  I finally found it, it was laying in a spot on the floor and there was a nail hole in the roof and light was shinning through it pointing directly on that stupid bearing...   classic Indiana Jones stuff...

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