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Fire sense spa fire suppression service date


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1 hour ago, JBgotM said:

Does it need to be serviced by them or can you have it inspected by a local fire station and get certification?

We just bought a Lifeline system for a 2nd car and researched this. The Lifeline system needs to be returned to their facility in North Carolina for service and re-certification. We looked at Spa too. 

Spa systems have to be returned to a Spa service center to be re-certified. Any of the foam-based systems must be returned (to the manufacturer or service center) to be refilled/re-certified in order to maintain their SFI rating. 

Some dealers like Pegasus provide this service.


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Each mfg has their own tools/replacement parts so they usually have to go back to the manufacturer or a servicing distributor.  AFFF has a 2 year shelf life and must be emptied, cleaned and refilled (ie re-certified).  It starts to break down and create a waxy substance that can clog lines and nozzles.  You could probably wait until the off season without any issue as long as tech will still pass it.


Just a heads up, I'm pretty sure you need to set off the cylinder (relieve pressure) before you can ship it.  Shipping pressurized containers requires certifications, special labels, etc.

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