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So we were going over some video from last year and one of our drives remembered an odd crash that happened in front of him.  We found the incident.  It is in this video, about 30 seconds, first at real speed and then at 1/2 speed.


White Miata (looks like 968) appears to rear end the black Miata (cannot make out the number) which then spins, perhaps hitting the inside wall, as the black car's front end comes around, it punts the white Miata into the air, which is narrowly missed by Flying Tigers Racing driver Andy Maiers, who was hard on the binders, and then slams down to the pavement before spinning into the outside wall.   I hope nobody was hurt in this incident, because every time I look at it I get a good laugh.



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Upon closer examination, the white car is trying to dive inside the black car, which is 412.  When the black car, which was either driving his line, or preparing to pit turns in to the apex, the white car gets his nose clipped, which sets of the spin and punt.


Not sure if this was discussed and aired out last fall after the race.  it would be interesting to hear the story, and find out how damaged the white Miata was.


By the way, this was right after a long yellow, the track had literally gone green seconds before this incident, so one driver may have been tentative about his grip, another may have been seeing the red mist, who knows?

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22 hours ago, Snake said:


But I can't pay $50 and get a license :(

Not so fast -- with the upcoming Part 23 rules rewrite, and the dialing-back on requirements for a 3rd-class medical; plus the plethora of Light Sport Aviation acft. out there.... :)

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