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Driver Side Impact Clarification


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Friends and I are nearing completion of our car, our first race being at Gingerman end of August.


We were double checking the rules, and came across a modification from April on driver side impact bars (picture).


We have been using a copy from earlier in 2017 I guess to build our cage as we didn't see this change.


I was hoping we could get some clarification on this so we can make sure our cage is legal. I've attached pictures of how our currently finished cage looks.



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49 minutes ago, Craig said:

I wouldn't be so sure that's legal as is; it looks like the unbroken diagonal goes into the horizontal bar, rather than both terminating at an A-pillar bar.

Here is a wider angle. The lower horizontal bar and unbroken diagonal bar terminate together with the A pillar bar.


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Since you have an additional lower horizontal door bar your two door bars will pass tech.

I hope everyone understands that I will not add points for any additional safety related roll bars.

We have a couple of teams that have a full set of 4 reinforced with gussetts door bars and a steel plate with no points

I also recommend more than one passenger side door bar and I highly recommend foot bars or loops to protect your feet when they extend past the A pillar roll bar.  


See you'll at VIR

Phil McKinney

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