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Porsche 944 Package (Turn Key + Spare Engine) For Sale - $3,000 OBO

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I'm deploying soon and have no need of storing this car over the next year. Nobody else on the team can store it, so we're looking to get rid of it. This 1983 Porsche 944 was recently run at a Lucky Dog Racing event at Willow Springs the weekend of 5 May 2017. We never found the time to get it out to a ChumpCar race. The previous owner ran it in LeMons, so yeah, there are lemons all over it as well as some other random stuff that could should probably be scrubbed off.

Before we ran the latest race in the 944, we did a lot of work to it to include:
-New Duralast Gold battery
-New G-Force 6 Point Racing Harness
-New Window Net assembly
-New Timing Belt Job (to include new sprockets, water pump, kevlar timing belt, balance shaft belt, thermostat)
-New Front Camshaft Seal
-New Oil Filter (now 1 race old)
-New Oil (now 1 race old)

The car is modified for reliability with its installed Accusump. The 944 has a cherry bomb exhaust, adjustable front shocks, engine kill switch, full roll-cage to include NASCAR style door bars, all necessary gauges, wiring for radios, and a digital tachometer with shift indicator lights.


The car would need a fire suppression system to be legal for ChumpCar. The engine kill switch may or may not be in accordance with the laws of ChumpCar. It's mechanical (uses cables) and the rules speak only of electrical kill switches. Lucky Dog didn't mind.


The car comes with 2 sets of wheels.
-1 Set of original Porsche rims
-1 Set of aftermarket rims

There are tires mounted on the 2 sets of wheels already, and between the two sets, there are 2 race ready Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R, and 2 race ready Hankook Ventus R-S3. There are also 2 mounted BFGoodrich G-Force Rival that are in good enough condition for practice. 

2 sets of spare tires come with the car.
-There is one set of 4 slightly used Yokohama AVS ES100 tires
-There is one set of 5 used Toyo Proxes RA1 

The 944 also comes with:
-A SPARE ENGINE (received wrapped from the previous seller and I have not opened it up to look at it)

-A spare front quarter panel
-Spare rear racing brake pads
-Tons and tons of boxes of other spares (probably enough spares to replace almost anything in the engine bay)

-Rods, pistons, and other internals that were cannibalized from a blown 944 engine. 


I haven't done much research into the car's point value per ChumpCar rules but it should be within the 500 point limit. The only thing I see being a possible issue would be the adjustable front shocks which are valued at 75pts/ corner. If the car was close to breaking 500 points, then modifying the shocks should take care of any points issue. 


Please contact me with any questions or if you would like any more information. Additional pictures available. 


Asking $3,500 but am willing to accept best offers. Car is located in the Sacramento, California area.


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18 hours ago, Jamie said:

What's wrong with it? Don't tell me nothing. There is always a list of things wrong with a racecar

My buddies and I were only able to run it through one race so here's a list of what we recognized from that experience.


1. The gas tank is not modified for high speed pit stop fueling, just stock fuel refuel port with metal flapper. We had much slower than necessary fueling with noticeable fuel spillage as a result. Some modification should fix that.


2. We noticed excessive tire wear on the inside of one of the sides of the car that was inconsistent with the other side. So it needs some alignment work. 


3. The rear hatch has the stock gas springs on it which are very strong to hold open that full glass hatch. The hatch lock mechanism would pop open on a big bump or an off. This would lead to the car driving around with the rear hatch full up until the force of the air pushing from over the car caught the hatch spoiler and slowly latched it down. Funny enough, it always did so in such a slow and controlled manner (even latching back down) that it almost looked intentional.


4. There is no e-brake...if that's really an issue.


5. We had a bumpy off near the end of the race that caused the distributor housing to back out of the engine block. This caused an oil leak that we assessed was from the camshaft seal meeting with where the distributor was. The reason the distributor completely separated was due to poor prior mechanical work and oversight on our part to not see that the screws weren't bolted into the engine block. I replaced the camshaft seal and bolted the distributor to the engine properly.


6. We finished mid pack in our class and overall. Like dead center. But we are competitive and would have liked to have seen more power from the car.

I just ran a compression test and here are the results: 

Cylinder 1: 152
Cylinder 2: 159
Cylinder 3: 160
Cylinder 4: 161


7. The original motor in the car blew up. The current motor is an '86 according to the guy I bought it from. I have no idea what the spare engine looks like. I never bothered to unwrap all the plastic covering it since it was basically a freebie from the guy I bought it from. 


That's all I can think of. I hope it helps!




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