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Harris Hill, TX (Sep 30-Aug 1) - Seat Available

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Relatively new team “Blue Rocket 960” based out of north Dallas renting one seat for upcoming Harris Hill, TX. Two hour stint for each day on Saturday and Sunday. We have two drivers with about 40 hours of open track time and 3 Chump races under the belt and one experienced driver with racing in multiple disciplines and levels. Should be running in top 25% of the field and podium with lots of luck. We are looking for an experienced, consistent and more on the conservative side driver. 


The car is a 1997 Miata built 2 years ago and is maintained by ourselves. We have gone through some growing pains and by now have rebuilt, repacked, or replaced just about all moving parts on this car.



  • Spec Miata Cage Kit that was very well installed by a professional Chris from X-Factor.
  • Welded in a floor drop pan for extra head clearance (2 drivers are 6’1”).
  • SPA 4 fire suppression system with 4 spray nozzles (2 in cockpit, 2 on the engine).
  • Schroth 3” belt 6 point seat belt.
  • Quick disconnect steering wheel.
  • 16” Spec Miata seat with added head supports.
  • Coolshirt system.


  • Coil-over suspension, new bushings, sway bars.
  • Aftermarket aluminum radiator, improved cooling system, air intake, cheapo exhaust collector down.
  • Engine rebuilt this summer - bearings, rings, lapped valves, seals, gaskets, etc. 
  • Rebuilt transmission this summer - new fork ends, synchros, retainer rings.
  • Planning to use a new set of Dunlop Star Spec tires.
  • We do our best to prep the car - brakes, fluids, bearings but in a racing environment things get pushed and may eventually fail. We bring ample spares, but there is still a chance that mechanical, electrical problems may prevent from finishing.


  • $1,000 payment for 4 hours of racing. 2 hours each day. $300 non-refundable downpayment.
  • Driver responsible for crash damages (regardless of fault) and mechanical failures caused by the driver error. $500 refundable crash deposit.
  • Pay only for the time in seat and get reimbursed if unable to race due to issues with the car.
  • We do not expect you to help around the pits, but a set of hands would be helpful.


If interested, please PM information about you, experience, any videos, and references you may have. Once committed, prior to the event we can meet at MSR Cresson where we are members to get on track for a test session. Or simply meet at the garage in north Dallas to check seat fitment.



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Are you still looking for a driver for Sept. 30, Oct. 1 at Harris Hill?  I was planning to run NASA race at TWS on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 but the event was cancelled last week and moved to NOLA.  This year, I have run Chump at COTA (Miata) and WRL at TWS this year (BMW E-36).  I will be at MSR Cresson this week on Sept. 14 and 15 then on Sept. 28 and 29 for training and coaching.  I live in Austin, TX



Rob Williams


Chump Car Racing License.PNG

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