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FS 92 integra GS cage partially prepped 1k

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Selling our 92 integra gs car. 

its got the cage done with 2017 legal sill bars, nascar on d/s, straight on pass, its been stripped out, no motor or trans, has some old coilovers on it now, started to pull the fuel tank but ran out of time and energy for it. i have an aluminum seat and 11gal fuel cell for it. has some surface rust in spots, but the car is straight and body is in pretty good shape. the car has been passed around my group of friends since 2012 and I dont have a title for it. 


car is located in pompano beach florida. asking 1000 for everything, car, seat, fuel cell. 











the car is currently stored outside under a car cover. i havent touched it in a bit, but it rolls onto a trailer fine



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still interested but hadn't seen email of the pictures that won't load, it could be just my computer but i'd be coming from Texas so i want to be sure. Let me know if you can get some more pictures. 




If you sent them, give me the email and i'll rummage through the junk/spam folder.




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pass door will sill bars


driver door with lower sill, bad picture, i can take better





the car is stored outside under a car cover under an awning. i live 2 miles from the ocean, there is some surface rust on the cage, it needs to be sanded and repainted. if someone takes it, ill give them everything i have for the car, trans, seat, OEM bolts for a bunch of stuff, whatever else i can find


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13 hours ago, Shoestring Motorsport said:

someone just make me an offer and come get it. i need the space in my stoarge yard for some new equipment

Been watching since posted, really do not need another car, have no honda tech/spare parts but still tempting as you are less than a hr away.

PM me with your final price so I can stew over it.

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