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*sold ES 250 prepped with spares including TRD supercharger in Michigan BO

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For sale: 1990  Lexus ES 250  aka: 1990 Toyota Camry with 3.0 3vz-fe motor swap.    350pt car after the swap. +10 for accusump,

bought this from another team last season and got tons of spare parts including a 2nd motor.  We recently replaced clutch, most of the suspension bushings, front wheel hubs, wheel bearings, and extended the wheel studs for 15mm spacers.  Passed Lemons tech this April and previously passed Chump tech.  It has a blown head gasket and since we don't have a hoist, but we DO have a another car to race,  we are too lazy to fix it anytime soon.  The $1400 or your best offer, gets you the car, spare motor, and 6 large totes worth of spare parts including the new head gaskets .  *price does not include the totes themselves, just the stuff in them.

  I'd like to sell this before the end of the month so I will consider all offers.  It is located in Ann Arbor Mi.




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