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Any team needing a one-stint driver at VIR?

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Sooo, we won't do VIR this year - settled for Mid-Ohio and Pittsburgh due to money and driver shortages, but I will be coming down to do volunteering instead. As it is getting closer, the itch to drive is getting stronger so I thought I should check if there is a team out there who would want an extra driver for a single stint? 


I do not want to drive for any teams aiming for podium positions - I'm too much of a chicken to want to race for positions. I brake early and will not set any lap records (but my team mate Peter and I did come 2nd in the EC class at Mid-Ohio so I guess I have been getting somewhat quicker over the years..?) Knock on wood, but I have been doing Chump and Lemons for 7 years now - mostly with my own car but a couple of times as a guest driver - and I still haven't been off the tarmac, touched another car or even had a mechanical failure (Well, my first car broke down often during the first 3-4 years, just never when I drove it...) - I guess that just says that I don't really drive at 10/10ths... And I've done a few Chump races and track days at VIR so I do find the way around the track. 


So, I'd be happy to bring my gear. If you'd be willing to have me in for some 60-90 minutes, shoot me a PM and let me know what car you have and what $$$ you want. 


And if nothing works out I will still see y'all somewhere in the pit lane next weekend!

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