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Contour action camera to VIR $50

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I have a Contour 1080HD action camera complete with a roll cage mount. I have used it for Chump races for quite a few years now, and it works fine. Selling for $50 for camera, battery and roll cage mount. (I'm sure I have the other mounts somewhere too, just not sure I can find them...) All you need is an USB cable and a micro-SD card.


I have a few Youtube uploads from it if you are interested to check what the videos look like (PM me for links)


I got a brand new Garmin unit as a gift, and it surely has a lot more features including GPS and OBD data so I will start using that one instead. If someone would want that Contour camera, I can bring it down to VIR.


(If noone wants it, I guess I will just rig it up as a second camera in our car...)

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I'd be interested in the camera. We will be at VIR Friday night or on Saturday Morning early.

can you send me links to the upload examples? would love to see how it works in the endurance environment? how long does it record for? (will it get a full 2hr stint?)


email: maxbeach@mac.com 

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