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Safe fuel cell location?


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I am debating if we should get a fuel cell or not. Either I install a hydramat in the stock tank and upgrade the bulkhead fittings or I go for fuel cell (with hydramat).

The upgrade would be for safety, already has enough fuel capacity.


The stock tank is in good condition but it's mounted behind the rear axle, so if someone hits us I am concerned it will crush the tank.


But where do you mount it in a  hatch style car? According to the rules it needs to be separated from the driver area.


This is a picture from a 280zx:



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To my knowledge, the only requirement for a bulkhead over and above the metal enclosure is if the cell is mounted in the passenger area beside the driver (  Otherwise, the only rule that I can see is which just requires a metal canister/enclosure, which to my recollection is satisfied by the stock metal container for a cell with a metal container (by the letter of the rules, the "cell" is the bladder within the container).



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