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Aftermarket fuel rail installation help


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I ditched the old fuel rail and bought a new after market one. It's very common among early Z cars to have this exact update if you do EFI.

It's a Pallnet fuel rail with Supra 7MGE injectors.


However when I installed mine it feels a bit flimsy:


1.The only thing holding the injectors is the fuel rail pressing on the injectors into the manifold, does this look right?

(There is also the O ring inside the manifold but that is only a seal, not a fastener).

Stock injectors are bolted into the intake via fasteners and O-rings.


2. The brackets on the fuel rail allows for a little bit of movement. It's almost as it is intentional, the stock fuel rail was rock solid.







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All fuel rails MUST be secured.......Somehow. There is 40 to 60 lbs of pressure going through the rails.


There are aftermarket units that sell the mounting brackets separately.  I have seen more than one car burn to the ground by not securing the aftermarket rails. Call the company you purchased your rail from have a chat with there tech.

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