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Studs "wobbly" how to fix?


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Well, I moved my car in and out of the garage the other day with the wheel nuts finger tight.



Now, I noticed that the wheel studs are a bit loose and 1 of them I can even push backwards through the hub.


Is there any way to correct this issue without getting a new hub?  (Expensive and difficult to source) 


I was wondering if something like a Loctite product could work?


Before everybody jumps on me, realize that once the studs are through the wheel and the wheel nut is tight, the clamping force has not changed and the studs cant move.



It does give me the creepy crawlies a bit thinking it is like that, but what are my options?




Rob R.

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My recommendation would be to redrill and install a stud that's a knurl size up...  check the ARP site and you can sort by thread and/or knurl.


If you want to try a product, Loctite "green" retaining compound can help hold slip fit components.  


But really, the first time you try to remove a wheel on a hot car and the stud spins with the nut, you'll kick yourself in the ass for not replacing with a proper press fit.

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What he said, in all my investigations of various options of adapters or custom hubs I have looked at the ARP site a lot and they have good information on the various knurl sizes. The best option if you do go with an oversized knurl is to get a reamer to enlarge the holes it will give the best hole finish and less likely to walk out of position.

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I decided to get studs for a neon.  The knurl is slightly bigger.  I will press the new studs in after measuring the hole to see if it will work.


If not, I have a few spare hubs.


Welding is not an option in this case.  Aluminum hub and steel studs....

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