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Shorten driveshaft- do I need to rebalance it?


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I am cutting my driveshaft 2". The shop said that I might get away with just cutting it and "static" balance. I guess that means they cut it and make sure everything is perfect without putting it on the balance machine.


What do you think?


It's a 280zx, single piece shaft.


Edit: I am poor (used to be rich before started racing)

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I would be interested to hear if anyone has experience just cutting and welding their drive shaft and running it.  


Maybe just put softer bushing on your transmission and differential to soak up any vibration ;)


I will say, I used to mark the flange on our driveshaft every time I had to drop the rear end in order to bolt it back to the exact correct balanced position... Yeah, that didn't last long. 

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