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Passing of Jake from Team Infiniti

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  • ChampCar Staff

Greetings ChumpCar Family,


It is with a heavy heart that we bring sad news to the ChumpCar community. If you know ChumpCar, you know Team Infiniti. Whether you know them as Megalodon or the Shark Car, the brothers Jake and Ed, fabricator Mike and Luis are well known for the giant fin on their fast Infiniti.


Sadly, Jake passed away recently after a long battle with health issues. His passing was peaceful; he slipped away from us in his sleep at home with family.


Like many of us, Jake came to ChumpCar from other forms of racing. He and Ed jumped into our sport with both feet. They started racing in 2009, the early days of Chump. They had success, some wins and trophies, and adversity including a crash that cost them a car. Through it all, Team Infiniti were both involved in the community and innovators in ChumpCar, and helped bring our sport to where it is today.


Away from the track, Jake ran a small business specializing in repairing vintage and antique timepieces. He was a father and a grandfather with an extended family. I was fortunate to know Jake away from the track - he was a genuinely terrific person and will be missed.


Ed, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time of loss.



Dana, and all members of the ChumpCar staff.


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  • Technical Advisory Committee

 So sad to hear this ... Ed team infinity we share your sorrow .. it's hard to carry on when a part of you is missing but you know Jake would want us to put the petal down , keep getting up .. and rember the fun with more to come .

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Jake was my go to guy with the Sharks, the guy I recognized and sought out.  I'll never forget battling those guys in the first Sebring race in 2010 during the day, pushing each other harder and harder during my day stint in the corolla.  Then Jake and I tangled again at night, until they ran out of brakes with about 45 minutes to go, handing us the lead and ultimately the win.  We had a good time talking about that race and many more, including the horrific accident at Charlotte that also cost them a win (and a car).  RIP Jake.   :(  I hope the team carries on but I know it's hard.  

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