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OEM oil cooler...to have or have not?

Turd Ferguson

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Believe it or not, our '95 Chevy S10 has a stock oil cooler.  It's the sandwich type between the oil filter and block with lines running up to the passenger side radiator tank.  Should we keep it or get rid of it?  We've never seen high oil temps because we never monitor it!  But the lines are a PITA during engine removal / installation and it's a potential failure point (bad o-rings, cracked lines, etc.).  What's your thoughts? 

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I am a big believer in monitoring fluid temperatures.  The Explorer motor we will install in our T-bird has an oil cooler. We replaced all the seals, hoses and gaskets for a grand total of 26 dollars. The Ford unit does not go to the radiator.  There is 4 rubber hoses and 2 metal line that tie into the heater core and EGR system from the water pump. We are keeping the cooler and eliminating the EGR and of course the heater.


 MHO I would use anything that will help keep oil temps down. Remember NO CAR in the series is designed to race in an endurance seris. Could the reason your oil temps are in line be because of the oil cooling system? 


Good luck with your build.

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It makes sense to keep it from the standpoint is it's there, it's free, and maybe it is the reason we've not had any signs of oiling issues.  Other than the broken timing chain.  ?    I just wondered if anyone on the forum had any data on oil temps with and without OEM oil coolers and if they really made much of a difference.

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