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Official Las Vegas 2017 Fall Race Information - Western Chumpionship

Bill Strong

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The RVA Graphics ChumpCar World Series Presents

“The Vegas Double Down” Western Chumpionship

Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV)

October 21st – 22nd, 2017


“LVMS” Friday Schedule:

Noon Gates Open

1:00pm Tech & Registration begin

5:00pm Novice school

6:00pm Tech & Registration ends


“LVMS” Saturday Schedule:

6:00am Gates Open

8:00am Drivers Meeting

8:45am Cars to Grid

9:00am Green Flag/Start Endurance Race

5:00pm Red Flag/Parc Ferme


“LVMS” Sunday Schedule:

6:00am Gates Open

7:45am Drivers to Grid

8:00am Green Flag/Resume Endurance Race

4:00pm Checkered Flag

4:05pm Post Race Impound

4:35pm Awards Ceremony


LVMS Supplemental Rules:

Download and read the CCWS BCCR: http://chumpcar.com/rules.php Reading the rules is required by all CCWS drivers, crew and car builders. Pit, Paddock and Garage Supplemental Rules:


 SRPP1 – Pit lane spaces will be assigned.

 SRPP2 – No crew members are allowed over the wall until the team car has come to a complete stop in the pit box.

 SRPP3 – The Hot Pit Lane will be the exclusive fueling area. Fueling of race cars shall be completed by use of 5-gallon plastic jugs and funnels, hoses or other fueling adapters as specified in the ChumpCar BCR. Jugs must have sealable lids/caps. Metal fuel drums or other fuel containers and caddies with manual pumps (no electric pumps) and hose lines are allowed to re-fill plastic jugs but are not allowed for re-fueling race cars. All fuel storage must be maintained on the “cold” side of the pit wall or kept within your transporter.

 SRPP4 – All teams shall have one (1) fully-charged 10LB ABC fire extinguisher in their pit area. All teams shall have one (1) 10LB bag of kitty litter or other reasonable absorbent for oil leaks and/or fuel spillage in their pit area. Having a broom handy is also be advisable.

 SRPP5 –Drivers may remain in the car during fueling and driver changes may also be completed. All engines and electrical kill switches must be off during fueling. NO WORK ON ANY CAR SHALL BE COMPLETED DURING REFUELING.

 SRPP6 – All work and/or repairs that can be made to your race cars in under thirty (30) minutes may be executed in the Pit Lane; all repairs requiring more than 30 minutes time must be completed in the Garage Area. A penalty of 1 lap for every five (5) minutes of work in the pit lane that exceeds 30 minutes shall be levied.

 SRPP7 – All team members over the wall during fueling must wear a Nomex driver’s suit, gloves and full-face helmet.

 SRPP8 – Electric, propane or kerosene heaters within the “cold” side of the pit wall are allowed provided all heating elements or flame sources are directed away from any flammable material and are kept a minimum of 20’ from any fuel storage. No open flame stoves or BBQs are allowed in the cold pits.

 SRPP9 – All cars, used or junk parts too big for a normal trash can, empty fuel drums and anything else you brought with you must be taken out with you. If you leave it behind, we’ll track you down… and it won’t be pretty.


Test & Tune Information: TBA

Lighting: The pit lane has very limited lighting and minimal pit/paddock area lighting. Be advised that ambient lighting may not be sufficient for fueling or mechanical repairs. Therefore, teams are advised to consider alternate power and lighting sources. The use of EZ-ups on the “cold” side of the pit wall are also recommended for keeping out weather and hanging all lighting fixtures.

Electrical Hookups in Pit / Paddock:

Pit Passes: Teams are advised that all team members, family, and guests who desire Pit Lane access MUST purchase a Pit Pass through ChumpCar at the track. ChumpCar members can obtain a free pit pass by showing their membership card.

Pets: They are welcome on property, but must be kept on a leash.

Children: No children 18 or under on pit road.

Camping: Self-contained RV camping is allowed Friday & Saturday night.

Barbecues: BBQ’s are allowed in the camping area only, provided all BBQ’s are supervised at all times, a fire extinguisher is within 15’ of the open flame, and all open flames are (at a minimum) 20’ from all race cars, fuel storage or other flammable sources.

Camping / Camper Hookups:

Bathrooms / Showers:

Bathrooms, yes

Gate: 24-hour gate coverage.


Pit Pass / Guest Pass:

Fuel on site: None.

Weather: We’re racing, regardless of the weather.

Event Hotel: (See below)

Auto Parts Stores:

Other Event Relevant Information:


Event Hotel -


Presently, Caesars Palace has the following amount of rooms on hold during the dates listed below. Requests for additional rooms on any given day are subject to hotel availability and approval. All room types held for the group are also subject to availability. The Hotel reserves the right to book additional rooms at a higher rate.



Julius Deluxe

Rate per room




USD 168



Julius Deluxe

Rate per room




USD 240



Julius Deluxe

Rate per room




USD 340



Julius Deluxe

Rate per room




USD 340

Each individual is responsible for making his/her own reservations with Caesars Palace. Reservations must be made through our Reservations Department or through the provided online web link by Tue, Oct 3, 2017. To avoid a $15 call center processing fee, please instruct your group to use the web link when possible. Each individual must identify themselves with the group name and group code in order to receive the group rates. A deposit (first nights room and tax) is required at the time of registration, the remaining night’s room and tax will be due at check in. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy for individual reservations. A full refund is provided for any reservation cancelled 72 hours prior to arrival. All no-shows will forfeit the deposit. Any reservations made after the cut-off date are subject to availability and will be added at the current public rate. 

Group Information for booking: 
Group Name: ChumpCar World Series 
Group Code: VC3CCW7 
Reservations Department Call- in #:(866) 227-5944 
Online link: https://www.totalrewards.com/reserve/?propCode=CLV&action=FindRooms&groupcode=VC3CCW7

Upgrade Options available for an additional per night charge: 
Octavius Premium $USD 50 
Augustus Premium View $USD 90 
Palace Premium $USD 60 
Augustus Premium $USD 70 

Hotel policy recognizes a cut-off date for reservations. Any reservation request received after this time may be accepted on a “space available” basis at the prevailing hotel rates. Your registration cut-off is Tue, Oct 3, 2017. Guestrooms not reserved by the cut-off date will revert back to the Hotel for re-sale. You as the group leader are not responsible for unreserved rooms in the group block. 

The above net rates are valid for Single/Double occupancy. All room rates contained within this agreement are subject to applicable Occupancy Room Tax, currently (13.38%) and a $ 35.00 Resort Fee per room, per night (also taxed at 13.38%). Resort Fees will include daily internet (for two devices), fitness center access (for two guests) and all local calls. PARKING:All properties are subject to various parking charges for both valet and self parking. Please refer to the website for more details: https://www.caesars.com/parking 

Additional Person Charge (beyond double occupancy) 
Rates are based on one or two persons per room. Any additional person will be charged a fee. Additional person charges will begin to apply with the third person occupying the room which will be $ 30.00 Fee per person, per night. Maximum Occupancy in one room is: four (4). 

Incidental Deposit Policy/Requirements 
An incidental deposit refers to a credit balance paid at check in to allow the guest charging privileges; this will be required at check in.
The incidental deposit required at Caesars Palace is accepted in credit or debit:

  • Credit Card authorization of $200 per stay
  • Debit cards will be charged immediately for $200 per stay

The age requirement to reserve and check into a room is 21 years of age or older. Furthermore, guests under the age of 21 will not be permitted to occupy a room without the presence of an adult age 21 or older. 

Check-in time is 4:00pm; Check-out time is 11:00am. An early check-in fee may apply at the front desk. Upon check-in each guest will be responsible for showing valid ID and providing payment for any outstanding balance.




Entries for Chumpionship - Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Outside Road Course


    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   Arsenic Racing 216 1996 Mazda Miata
2.   Bandits 47 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
3.   Bucket List Brigade 700 1986 BMW 325e
4.   Car-Dashian Racing 507 1986 BMW 325
5.   Das Idiots 205 1999 Volkswagen Jetta
6.   F-BAR Racing 819 1995 Plymouth Neon
7.   Maximum Effort Racing 94 2001 Infiniti I30
8.   MIATA, P.I. 30 1993 Mazda Miata
9.   Million Ways To Die 2 86 1991 Mazda Miata
10.   MillionWaysToDie.com 186 1992 Mazda Miata
11.   mooseknuckle 421 1991 audi coupe
12.   PCP Racing 175 1991 Ford Escort
13.   POMONA SPEED SHOP 236 1995 BMW 325is
14.   Roto-Plooker Racing 37 1990 Mazda RX7
15.   Team Toofah Racing 124 1987 Porsche 924S
16.   The Chandler School 621 1991 Mazda Miata
17.   The Flyin Hawaiians & 2 White Guys 82 1973 Datsun 260Z
18.   TRON 755 88 Chevrolet Camaro
19.   Uncommon Friends Racing 246 1971 Datsun 240Z
20.   ZPT Racing 414 1994 Mazda Miata





Don't let the lights of Vegas distract you.  It's time to strap in and compete for the Western Chumpionship!
20 teams qualified.  10 are competing to call themselves the 2017 Western Champion.  For money?  Pro ride?  TV endorsements?  Nope, a trophy made of scrap metal, a gold number panel and bragging rights.  That's all there is in grassroots racing, and it's enough.  Read on to get the info to make your weekend a little smoother.

Thursday Trailer Drop - For those of you looking for a place to drop your trailers on Thursday night  (since the hotels don't take kindly to them), LVMS has a spot for you. Head to Entry #4 (off Las Vegas Blvd) on the NORTH side.  From Entry #4 go about 500 yards and take your first RIGHT into a gravel lot.  If you go past Speedway tunnels you've gone too far.  You are welcome to leave your trailers here for the night.
Gates - Gates will open at noon on Friday.

Paddock - The paddock is first come first served.  

Tech - If you have not had your annual tech for 2017, bring your car through the tech line along with all your paperwork filled out.  Make sure you have read the rules.  Swap cars with no paperwork will likely be put in EC unless tech is in a good mood.

Registration - 
If you are already tech'd, bring your yellow logbook directly to registration.  Before you arrive, log in and check your driver roster for accuracy.  Make any corrections ahead of time.  If you are paid with the correct drivers, check-in is a 3 minute process.  If you are not coming (work issue, car issue, etc), email me to let me know you will not be there.

Novice School - 5pm, location to be announced.

Pit Assignments - Here are your pit assignments.
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.08.08 PM.png

Qualified Teams - Here is the list of teams who will be competing for the Western Chumpionship at Las Vegas.  If you feel I have overlooked you, send me an email.
216 Arsenic Racing
700 Bucket List Brigade
205 Das Idiots
30 MIATA, P.I.
37 Roto-Plooker Racing
124 Team Toofah Racing
82 The Flyin Hawaiians & 2 White Guys
246 Uncommon Friends Racing
414 ZPT Racing

A reminder: read through and print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here.
If you have any questions about registration, please contact Andrea Chisek here.  Any other questions you can contact me here.

We're looking forward to seeing you all in NV!

The ChumpStaff   
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22 hours ago, Miata PI said:


I think LD has a Laguna race that weekend so we can kiss those cars goodbye.  But that race is full up so those whom arent in it should be racing Vegas!


I think we need to let the PNW guys know how awesome the ORC track is!  




So if ChumpCar runs at the Ridge or ORP next year, you'll be towing up? Maybe we should have the Chumpionship at Thunderhill. <ducks, runs>

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3 minutes ago, Jamie said:

West coast Chumpionship at Thunderhill would actually make sense. 5 mile course, there are decent hotels, facility is great, it's an amazing track.  


Not sure I'd go with the 'decent hotels' but there are places to stay. Unless we have the car counts though, the 5-mile is probably not an option. Unless we host a joint event with LDR..... hmmmmm....

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On 9/14/2017 at 8:36 AM, FlorahDorah said:


Not sure I'd go with the 'decent hotels' but there are places to stay. Unless we have the car counts though, the 5-mile is probably not an option. Unless we host a joint event with LDR..... hmmmmm....




This was the pool at one of the fine hotels a few years ago.

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On ‎2017‎-‎09‎-‎28 at 8:35 PM, Pee Wee said:

Just sad West Coast can't pull together for a good race. Sidebet help?


123 cars making laps at Lemons Buttonwillow this weekend.  Should be able to pull some of those cars over... maybe.

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1 hour ago, Pee Wee said:

Looks like Pomona Speed Shop is going to be camping. 

I may have to buy myself a motorhome and have my own room if this keeps up. 


Hotels were booked up pretty quickly in Vegas for this weekend. Not sure what else is going on.


So where's the list of who's eligible for the West Championship? Is basically anyone who shows up qualified? :)


More remote driving of what's left of the Western region, looks like....




1.5          An annual Regional Chumpionship event will be held in each of the three (3) ChumpCar regions.

1.5.1.  In order to qualify for a Regional Chumpionship podium, a ChumpCar team must: compete in at least two (2) Regional Endurance Racing events in that region since the previous Chumpionship and secure a finishing position within the Top 10. Chumpionship events are NOT exclusive – anyone can enter.

1.5.2.  Bring the same car you raced to qualify for the Chumpionship. No replacement cars shall be considered qualified, including significant changes to otherwise qualified vehicles.

1.5.3.  A minimum of TWO (2) original team drivers must be a part of the Chumpionship team.


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