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94 Nissan Sentra (sorted reliable NASA PTE car w/Chump potential) $5000-$7000 depending on options!

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So this is a reliable and sorted competitive NASA logbooked and race ready car that would need just a few items for 'chump' status.  (right now the side windows are lexan but the back window is still factory glass for example)


Located in Mount Prospect, IL 60056.  I DO have it titled in my name (clear normal Illinois title) so I could sign it over as a clean IL title.


The cheapest option is $5000 and that means we'd put the FACTORY stock suspension back on it AND remove the Sparco Circuit seat/seat mount and 6 point hans harness that is valid until 2021. 

Next option is $6000 and that would keep the coilovers BUT new owner(s) would need to find their own race seat, seat mount and harness to use.   $7000 takes it as-is.   


This is a 4x100 bolt pattern car (so yes, there are many 15" wheel options out there!)


It was just raced on 9/10/17  with NASA at Autobahn Country club (with two 2nd place podium finishes too!) so YES it is a current car and not one that has been sitting around for any length of time unused..


Link to more details on racing junk here:




OR more pics and even more details on the most recent ebay ad here:




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