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Can someone help me with the inside diameter of a 15” wheel for e36?


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The only 15" 5x120 wheels I've been able to find are 7" wide so I'm thinking about going with steel nascar style steel wheels 9" or 10" wide.  I don't have a 15" BMW wheel to measure the inside diameter and wanted to double check before ordering.  I'm running stock brakes front and rear.

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32 minutes ago, cheins said:

Hmm.  I see what you're saying.  I saw an e30 at Gingerman this year with steel wheels but didn't look close enough to see the set up.  


Bassett D-hole 15x10, 5" backspace, 1/4" spacer.  We run them with 245/40R15 Hankook RS4s.  The center mounting pad interferes with the brake caliper on E30 without a spacer, but probably clears on E36 given the larger rotor diameter.



or a smidge lighter:



Quick look says E36 also needs 5" backspace.  Use 5x4.75 bolt pattern - it's close enough to 5x120 for steelies and their terrible machining tolerances.  Add the spacer if needed to clear the caliper.

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