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friends want to see what it is about

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25 minutes ago, pintodave said:

That is for sure the best way to hook a car enthusiast and ensure they have a blast at the track - put them over the wall with an extinguisher in their hand!!


That's what got me.  Literally went home that night and started tearing down my track car to prep for Chump.  There's no turning back!

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22 hours ago, willy1959 said:

So gonna race at Road America, some friends want to watch. what does it cost for a spectator?



For a little more than the cost of that one-day membership they can just join ChumpCar as a regular member. That gets them in for the entire year, and clears them if the track wants to charge its own fee for entry. Plus if they've already joined, it's that much easier to convince them to come again!



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