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AWD Mazdaspeed 6


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I recently picked up a 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 that is completely stock but it's an AWD Car with a factory Turbo and I would like to finish putting it back together and race it in Chump. What are the rules for AWD and since it's a Sedan, are you allowed to cover the rear side windows with poly glass?. I got this Car for next to nothing, 200 bucks to be exact from a guy that didn't want to repair all the dents on it from a recent Hailstorm and I saw him load it up on a trailer to take to the junkyard and flagged him down and asked if I could buy it.

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I am not sure if that car is in the points table.  You might need to email chumpcar to get a value assigned.


Sorry, I am using my phone so finding and linking those addresses is difficult.


Purchase price means nothing in chumpcar.


What is poly glass?  If you mean lexan type material, yes you can use that.

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