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Daring Greatly Racing's Cadillac CTS Build Thread #527


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Sorry this is late but we're back from Gingerman!  Daring Greatly Racing had a weekend of ups and downs but we are happy to report that we also had our first finish.  This was our 2nd race weekend with this car since we finished it last year and we also had two new wheel to wheel drivers and one that had never been to Gingerman before.  


Saturday we started towards the front of the field and managed to stay in the top 20 all day but ran into an issue with the fuel cell venting and couldn't get fuel  into the car.  That took us off track for about 33 minutes before we could fuel the car and get back out.  We finished 21st overall.  


Sunday we started in the back half of the field but made it to the 15 by our first stop.  We had planned on bringing our driver in for our last stop when the driver radioed in telling us that the car got real loud and that he though the engine may have expired.  He was towed in to our paddock where we looked around for oil leaking or escaped inside engine bits but we didn't see anything.  We did see that our down pipe flange had broke off the down pipe where it mounts to the exhaust manifold causing an open header condition on the drivers bank.  We called it a day after that, but overall we are very happy that we have an easier repair to deal with than last year and we finished the race on Saturday.  After further inspection, we found that the engine mounts had failed causing excessive engine movement leading to the exhaust issue.  We also had lost the coolant temp gauge and oil pressure gauge sometime during the race on Sunday.  This was also caused by the engine mounts failing and pulling on some wires.   


Congrats to Premium Dudes and Parts Badger for their over all wins this weekend. Thank you to the Champcar staff for a great event and to our fellow competitors for a clean, fun race.  We will be running next at Road America in October.     





Here's Ron's opening stint on Sunday.  This was his first wheel to wheel weekend.


Here's Austin's stint before the quite hour on Sunday, this was also his first wheel to wheel weekend and his first time at Gingerman. 


This is the start of the race on Saturday and I was driving.  


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Daring Greatly Racing had another weekend of ups and downs.  We had two renters from Clapped Out Racing that run an E36 out east and have never been to Road America  before.  


Saturday we ended up in black flag for a  pass under yellow that put us 2 more labs down and then things were uneventful until it was my turn to drive. I heard thee sound of a large bolt falling out and rattling around under the car then felt a vibration from the rear that seemed to go away once above 100mph.  I brought the car in and we jacked it up and inspected all the bolts in the rear suspension, hub bearings, axles, rear drive shaft bolts and we didn't see anything.  I went back out and finished my stint with the  vibration still there.  The next guy finished the race with the same vibration that didn't seem to get any worse.  We ended up 20th overall out of 65 cars when you take out he EC cars.  Saturday night we replaced both rear wheel bearings and put a wrench on all the rear suspension and drivetrain bolts, almost.  


Sunday one of the Clapped Out guys started us off and reported back that the vibration was still there.  A little ways into his stint he heard the same bolt falling out type noise but this time the vibration was gone.  We brought the car in, looked around, didn't see anything, sent him back out.  He later heard the same noise again, and the vibration came back.  The same happened to the next driver, then I got in the car.  I left pit road after returning my timer, accelerated up to 40mph and the driveshaft fell out of the front of the transmission and put an inspection hole in our transmission tunnel.  Turns out an odd number of bolts causes a vibration and an even number of bolts makes the vibration go away.  Who would have thought?


I clearly made a huge mistake by not checking the front driveshaft bolts and will not make that mistake again as I've improved my check list.   I'm just glad that all the renters including my Brother In-law got two stints and that the car failed with me driving.  I'm also glad nobody got hurt and that I didn't ruin any other teams day with my stupidity.   


We are looking forward to cutting some weight (from the race car) this off season and adding some of the material we cut off back to the fenders to run some wider wheels and tires.  I'm also going to be looking into how much fuel we dump when decelerating.  We got the same fuel mileage at Road America as we did at Gingerman, and I can't help but think we are using way to much fuel when not accelerating.  


Thanks again to Champcar and the volunteers for running another great event, and thank you again to the staff at Road America for all they did as well!











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Thank you for building a great car, and for offering our drivers an awesome weekend!


This car is fast.  There's still plenty to learn to make it a front runner, but the foundation is certainly there.


Hope to share our drivers with you again in 2021!

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35 minutes ago, Bandit said:

One of, if not the, cleanest cars on track as well.


It's probably in this thread somewhere but are you using the video rearview mirror out of newer GM cars/trucks? Sure looks like it in the vid.

Yes, we use a rear view mirror camera out of a 2016 Cadillac CT6 and it seems to work well.  It has a very wide field of view but in a smaller package. 

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On 11/4/2020 at 11:31 AM, hcsi99 said:

Here is our opening stint on Sunday. 

Greg did an excellent job!  


Pretty quick pass by the GBU Vette at 34:20...


What all is needed to hook up that mirror and camera?

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1 minute ago, Luckyontheducky said:

Do you know your 2021 schedule yet?

We are running Daytona, Autobahn, and Gingerman so far.  Maybe road America in the fall.  We are all filled up for Daytona.  

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Long time no post in this thread!  We've had a very productive off season and we've run our first race of the season.  


We wanted to run wider tires but would require fender flares to comply with the rules.  We didn't want to take points, so we gathered some material that we had been saving and took some more off of the trunk area and got to work.  Our teammate, Ron was the key part of all this.  He did an excellent job of cutting, welding, and shaping our flares to not only be functional, but not look half bad either.  I didn't do the best job of prepping before we laid the paint, but we were getting short on time, and racecar.  We are now running 275's all the way around on 10 inch wide wheels.  We also added a rain light from Lifeline this off season (don't worry, its on a switch).  

















We towed down to Daytona with our new tow rig and trailer and boy what a difference a gooseneck makes!  We towed at 77mph most of the way with ease.  We loved all the cameras and trailering features that come with these new trucks.  We installed the optional trailer tire pressures sensors and were able to keep track of not only the pressures, but the tires temps while towing.  We also installed a camera on the back of the trailer and this made lane changes and managing traffic much easier.  This is the same camera used for the invisible trailer options, but our trailer is too long for that feature to work.  






Our Daytona race could have gone better.   We were running strong with 3 of our drivers never turning laps at Daytona outside of iRacing.  We were sitting 17th overall and 7th in class when about 1 hours into our 4th stint the hood failed on the front straight with me driving.  I was able to get the car down on the apron and stopped before turn 1.  We couldn't get a windshield and didn't have a replacement hood to finish so we called it a day.  Very frustrating considering our wears items were performing flawlessly and the car was running so good.  We will be back next year!  








We've since finished hood 2.0 and not only added a 3rd latch but also much better ducting too.  






Our next race is at Autobahn in June then Gingerman in August and all seats are spoken for at this time.  

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