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Radio/Comm Suggestions


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Looking for complete radio systems suggestions. What have you guys liked and no so much liked about different brands/systems?


New car and team so starting from scratch. All drivers will have IMSA style communications in their helmets. I know digital is the way to go but does the shark fin antenna work "better" than the traditional style? We would like to have full coverage at tracks like Watkins Glen and VIR which would be the two biggest tracks we will run.


Thanks in advance guys!

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8 minutes ago, Shawn Sampson said:

Yes and make sure you with IMSA on all your Radio setup. We have a great starter digital system right now on sale plus with your 15% discount it's a great purchase


23 minutes ago, Shawn Sampson said:

 For sure you're going to want a roof mount antenna. The shark fin gives you the very best reception possible. With the tracks that you're running such as Watkins Glen digital will give you 100% communication at all time.





We have a full digital setup from Sampson. The "expensive" one that isn't just a handheld radio inside the car but one you permanently mount. 


No issues communicating with drivers at the toe of the boot and the reception is clear. 


Buy once, cry once. 

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