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1988 RX-7 w/ 1.6L Miata Engine - $4,500 (Turbo setup included)

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I'm deploying and moving shortly after I return, so I'm selling my team's car. The car is located in Wheatland, California. For the same reasons, I'm also selling the other race car that we picked up (1983 Porsche 944) (See that ad/post for details on that car). The original rotary on this car was replaced with a 1.6L 1991 Miata engine and transmission!


This car absolutely excels at braking and cornering. It's light and very forgiving. Its braking has been one of the best on the track every race we've done. My team has always been able to finish in the top half with this car, or at least mid-pack (both in class and overall). The car has also finished every race it’s entered (3 2-day weekend races in 2017 - Chuckwalla, Sonoma, Laguna Seca). There is some impact damage on the passenger side, resulting in slightly increased negative camber, however, we saw no uneven tire wear at the last Laguna Seca race.


The car comes is equipped with the following:

-Oil cooler 

-Brand new fuel pump (1 race)

-New Spark Plugs and Wires (1 race)

-Brand new OEM rear shocks (1 race)

-New Tien lowering springs (2 races)(will include originals)

-Upgraded front sway bar

-Turbo (GTU) big brakes (from turbo model RX7)

-Custom strut tower reinforcement bar

-Full fire suppression system

-Panoramic rear-view racing mirror

-Engine kill switch

-Window net

-Full roll cage including NASCAR style door bars

-Racing seat and 5 point racing harness (not expired)

-Removable steering wheel

-Extra set of wheels

-New set of front and rear EBC YellowStuff brake pads (still in box, uninstalled)

-New Light Bar for night racing (In box, never opened)


The car was in the process of being upgraded with a turbo for the ChumpCar race at Laguna Seca in July 2017. While it was successfully installed and run for a few test laps, we ran into issues that caused us to have to convert the engine back to natural aspiration in order to be able to reliably race for the weekend. Long story short...we didn't have the right part for the turbo oil feed and the turbo manifold gasket that was installed was of poor quality and blew out. The car is still in the naturally aspirated configuration and will come with the turbo kit parts for the next owner who may have more time to test and troubleshoot the setup before taking it to a race. In keeping with the spirit of cheap racing, I essentially procured individual turbo items online from eBay and BEGI in order to mirror BEGI's Shanghai Turbo setup (low boost 5psi setup with adjustable fuel pressure regulator). According to BEGI, this type of setup allows for a turbo to be installed and run under low boost with stock internals and no intercooler required.


Turbo parts included:

-BEGI Adjustable Aftermarket Turbo and Supercharger Fuel Pressure Regulator (http://www.bellengineering.net/product_info.php?cPath=7_76&products_id=4)

-Innovate MTX-L Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit (Wideband O2 sensor and gauge that is already installed and wired) https://www.summitracing.com/parts/INN-3844

-JDM T25/T28 eBay turbo w/ 5 Psi integral wastegate installed

-Extra 7Psi integral wastegate

-Log style cast iron manifold

-Intercooler piping and fittings

-Steel braided turbo water lines

-Steel braided turbo oil inlet line

-Turbo oil outlet hose (Oil pan on Miata engine already drilled and fitted with hose. Hose is plugged in its current configuration but easily attached back to a turbo)

-Cone style air intake filter with adapter piece to use with stock 1.6L Air Flow Meter

-Turbo intercooler piping Blow Off Valve

-Various other fittings/parts from tinkering/ creating the turbo build

-Turbo gauge, already installed and wired in the cockpit (just run the vacuum line if using the turbo)

-Manifold/ exhaust heat wrap


If installing turbo components, timing will need to be retarded to prevent knock under boost (as little boost as it may be). The BEGI regulator is already dialed in and is as simple as plug and play.



The engine leaks a bit of oil and always has...it's a LeMons car. Also, the water temperature gauge turned off and stopped working toward the end of the last race at Laguna Seca. I have not had the chance to diagnose it yet but it may be as simple as a loose wire to the gauge, or at most, something needing replacing. The car did not have any overheating issues for the multiple hours after the gauge stopped working.


Plenty of other pictures available if interested. The car is available for viewing (location is Wheatland, California) and I can answer any other questions that you may have. Feel free to contact me via email at Ssierra91@gmail.com!



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