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Official Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) 2017 Fall Race Information - Eastern Chumpionship

Bill Strong

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The RVA Graphics ChumpCar World Series Presents





“AMP” Friday Schedule:

3:00pm Gates Open

3:00pm Tech & Registration begin

5:00pm Novice school

6:00pm Tech & Registration ends


“AMP” Saturday Schedule:

6:00am Gates Open

7:00am Drivers meeting

7:50am Cars to grid

8:00am Green Flag/Start Endurance Race

4:00pm Red Flag/Park Ferme overnight

6:00pm Banquet


“AMP” Sunday Schedule:

6:00am Gates Open

7:00am Drivers meeting

7:50am Drivers to grid

8:00am Green Flag/Resume Endurance Race

4:00pm Checker Flag

4:05pm Post Race Inspection

4:35pm Awards Ceremony






Discover Parts Event (Non- Chumpcar Event)


Atlanta Motorsports Park Open Track Day on Friday October 27, 2017

On October 27, 2017 Atlanta Motorsports Park, Racing Analytics, and DiscoveryParts are offering an open track day. We will have an open pit and open track with no run groups. 

This is the Friday before the Atlanta Motorsports Park Double 8 Chumpcar Chumpionship that will take place on Saturday, October 28 & Sunday, October 29. This is the perfect test day for last minute testing, shakedown, and driver orientation. For more details on this ChumpCar event click HERE.

Do I need to race in ChumpCar to drive on Friday, October 27th? No. This test day is for everyone with at least 4 weekends track experience. If you are a DE instructor and usually juggle 3 new drivers and rarely get to enjoy your own car, this is the day you have been waiting for. This day is for intermediate and advanced drivers only. NO NOVICES.

Atlanta Motorsports Park Open Track Day on Friday, October 27, 2017 Details:

Pricing per vehicle:

  • $245 Full Day: 9am-5pm with lunch from 1pm-2pm
  • $175 Afternoon: 2pm to 5pm
  • $125 Happy Hour: 4pm-5pm
  • Cost is per vehicle. All drivers must have armbands before entering the track. 
  • Cost example A: 1 Car + 1 Driver Full Day: $245
  • Cost Example B: 1 Car + 5 Drivers Full Day: $245
  • Cost Example C: 2 Cars + 1 Driver Full Day: $490

On Track:

  • Hot pits: Open during Green Flag conditions
  • Passing: With a Point-By and only on straights (not under cornering or braking)
  • Blend Line: Do not cross or touch the blend line


  • 1st Warning- See black flag station for consultation
  • 2nd Warning- Park your vehicle for the remainder of the day. This includes all drivers  

Driver Attire:

  • Helmets: SA2010 or SA2015 Helmet
  • Suit: Recommended but not required
  • Pants: Full length (no technical materials ie, UnderArmour)
  • Shirt: Short or long sleeve (no technical materials ie, UnderArmour)
  • Shoes: Closed toes

Vehicle Tech:

Download the Vehicle Tech Form HERE

Racing Analytics:

Need someone to fill out your Vehicle Tech Form? Need to rent a race car for the day or even the ChumpCar Weekend? Racing Analytics (770-315-9639) is your answer (located inside Atlanta Motorsports Park) From vehicle tech, in-house chassis dyno, tire mounting and balancing, trackside expedient repairs and more, www.racinganalytics.com is your new #1 repair shop, located inside Atlanta Motorsports Park.

The event will take place rain or shine and is limited to the first 30 people. No refunds or cancellations allowed.

Note if you have more than one driver and the name of additional drivers.

No discounts allowed on this test day. 




Download and read the CCWS BCCR:


Reading the rules is required by all CCWS drivers, crew and car builders. Pit, Paddock and Garage Supplemental Rules:

 SRPP1 – Pit lane spaces will be assigned.

 SRPP2 – No crew members are allowed over the wall until the team car has come to a complete stop in the pit box.

 SRPP3 – The Hot Pit Lane will be the exclusive fueling area. Fueling of race cars shall be completed by use of 5-gallon plastic jugs and funnels, hoses or other fueling adapters as specified in the ChumpCar BCR. Jugs must have sealable lids/caps. Metal fuel drums or other fuel containers and caddies with manual pumps (no electric pumps) and hose lines are allowed to re-fill plastic jugs but are not allowed for re-fueling race cars. All fuel storage must be maintained on the “cold” side of the pit wall or kept within your transporter.

 SRPP4 – All teams shall have one (1) fully-charged 10LB ABC fire extinguisher in their pit area.All teams shall have one (1) 10LB bag of kitty litter or other reasonable absorbent for oil leaks and/or fuel spillage in their pit area. Having a broom handy is also be advisable.

 SRPP5 –Drivers may remain in the car during fueling and driver changes may also be completed. All engines and electrical kill switches must be off during fueling. NO WORK ON ANY CAR SHALL BE COMPLETED DURING REFUELING.

 SRPP6 – All work and/or repairs that can be made to your race cars in under thirty (30) minutes may be executed in the Pit Lane; all repairs requiring more than 30 minutes time must be completed in the Garage Area. A penalty of 1 lap for every five (5) minutes of work in the pit lane that exceeds 30 minutes shall be levied.

 SRPP7 – All team members over the wall during fueling must wear a Nomex driver’s suit, gloves and full-face helmet.

 SRPP8 – Electric, propane or kerosene heaters within the “cold” side of the pit wall are allowed provided all heating elements or flame sources are directed away from any flammable material and are kept a minimum of 20’ from any fuel storage. No open flame stoves or BBQs are allowed in the cold pits.

 SRPP9 – All cars, used or junk parts too big for a normal trash can, empty fuel drums and anything else you brought with you must be taken out with you. If you leave it behind, we’ll track you down… and it won’t be pretty.




Lighting: The pit lane has very limited lighting and minimal pit/paddock area lighting. Be advised that ambient lighting may not be sufficient for fueling or mechanical repairs. Therefore, teams are advised to consider alternate power and lighting sources. The use of EZ-ups on the “cold” side of the pit wall are also recommended for keeping out weather and hanging all lighting fixtures.


Electrical Hookups in Pit / Paddock: Power in pit available.


Pit Passes: Teams are advised that all team members, family, and guests who desire Pit Lane access MUST purchase a Pit Pass through ChumpCar at the track. ChumpCar members can obtain a free pit pass by showing their membership card.


Pets: They are welcome on the property, but must be kept on a leash.


Children: No children 18 or under on pit road.


Camping: Self-contained RV camping is allowed Friday & Saturday night.


Barbecues: BBQ’s are allowed in the camping area only, provided all BBQ’s are supervised at all times, a fire extinguisher is within 15’ of the open flame, and all open flames are (at a minimum) 20’ from all race cars, fuel storage or other flammable sources.


Camping / Camper Hookups: None.


Bathrooms / Showers: Yes.


Gate: 24-hour gate coverage.


Concessions: Open Saturday & Sunday.


Pit Pass / Guest Pass:  Weekend Membership available for FREE. Halloween event hosted by AMP after racing on Saturday. 


Fuel on site: None.


Weather: We’re racing, regardless of the weather.


Event Hotel: All hotels are booked within 45 minutes of track. bring sleeping bag.


Auto Parts Stores:
AutoZone Address: 185 Hwy 400 N, Dawsonville, GA 30534 Phone: (706) 216-7887
Advance Auto - 45 Bethel Dr, Dawsonville, GA 30534 Phone: (706) 216-1527


Other Event Relevant Information:

Bring candy to hand out to the kids for the Trunk or Treat event on Saturday!



ChumpCast - Sign up with your in-car camera at RaceCast


Watch the race live at https://www.youtube.com/c/chumpcarworldseries




Entries for OMP Sport Eastern Championship


    Team Name Car # Year Make Model
1.   Andy Turner Motorsports 229 1989 BMW 325i
2.   Apex Predators 912 1999 Pontiac Firebird
3.   Back Porche Racing 156 1986 Porsche 944
4.   Basil Weenie Racing 899 1990 Mazda Miata
5.   Bliss Racing 432 1985 Chevy Camaro Z28
6.   Blue Bayou Racing LLC 112 1987 BMW 325i
7.   Brew Krewe Racing 860 1986 BMW 325i
8.   Burningham Too 955 1992 Lexus SC300
9.   Busted Axle Motorsports 87 1986 Volkswagon Jetta
10.   checkered past racing 155 1984 Chevy Camaro
11.   Chump Norris 609 1987 Porsche 944
12.   Clowns Alley 35 1990 BMW E30
13.   Cone Crushers 917 1986 Porsche 944
14.   CRWrecks 248 1988 Honda CRX
15.   DKW Racing 267 1994 Mazda Miata
16.   Double D Racing #428 428 1985 Toyota Celica
17.   E racing 890 1986 bmw 325
18.   Excelerace - Racing Analytics 713 1994 Mazda Miata
19.   Flying Tigers 40 1994 Mazda Miata
20.   FoShoMoCo 427 91 Ford Taurus
21.   foxy tires 346 1999 bmw e46
22.   GodZirra Racing 431 1988 Nissan 300ZX
23.   GWR: Guarino-Watson Racing 991 1987 BMW 325is
24.   Hong Norrth - Tr0nsAm 8 1994 Mazda MX3
25.   Hong Norrth Grumpy Butt 163 1984 Toyota Supra
26.   Huggins (Pinkies Out) 146 1988 BMW 325is
27.   John Allen Special #26 26 1978 Datsun 280Z
28.   Kelly Brothers Racing 850 1994 Mazda Miata
29.   Leviathan Motorsports 255 1991 Toyota mr2
30.   M Bros Racing 927 1987 BMW 325is
31.   McKibbins Biohazard Racing 381 1991 Toyota MR2 V6 Twin TurboS SC AWD
32.   Momo Chump 230 1994 Mazda Miata
33.   No Cents Racing 575 1985 BMW E30 325I
34.   Not Banned Yet Racing 307   Nissan 240SX
35.   ODOR Motor Group 970 1985 Nissan 300ZX
36.   Racing for Adam 141 1990 BMW 325i
37.   RocketHam Racing 437 1984 Toyota Celica
38.   ROTARYsport Racing 93 1985 Mazda RX7
39.   RPM 97 1994 Mazda Miata
40.   Running Bulls Racing 160 1987 BMW 325is
41.   RVA Graphics & Wraps 111 1989 BMW 325
42.   RVAGFX2 511 1995 BMW M3
43.   Sara Sloan Team 700 1984 BMW 325
44.   Short Fuse Racing 923 1992 bmw 325i
45.   Simon Says 63 1992 Acura Integra
46.   Sparrow Speed 286 1991 Honda Accord
47.   Team Jacky Ickx "935" 935 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT
48.   Team Jacky Ickx GT30 66 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT
49.   Team Penny Pinchers 424 1992 Mazda MX5 Miata
50.   The Fast & The Fabulous 124 1993 Mazda Miata
51.   Treasure Coast Miata 251 1994 Mazda Miata
52.   Two Forties Racing 480 1993 Nissan 240sx
53.   Two Toms Racing 409 1984 Nissan Pulsar NX
54.   Visceral Racing Group 918 1987 Porsche 944
55.   Wankel\'s Wankers 44 1981 Mazda











Amp - Karts Cars Racing Logo - Black.png




The best of the best have descended upon Dawsonville.  It's time for the Eastern Chumpionship!

Why would all these top guns come to little Dawsonville, GA?  For money?  Pro ride?  TV endorsements?  Nope, a trophy made of scrap metal, a gold number panel and bragging rights.  That's all there is in grassroots racing, and it's enough.  Read on to get the info to make your weekend a little smoother.

Thursday Trailer Drop - For those of you who are registered for the Friday test day, AMP will allow you access to the track Thursday night.  All you need is your pit stall number. 
Gates - For all other teams, the gates will open at 3pm on Friday.

Paddock - The paddock is first come first served, although most people will be able to park behind their pit box.  

Tech - If you have not had your annual tech for 2017, bring your car through the tech line along with all your paperwork filled out.  Make sure you have read the rules.  Swap cars with no paperwork will likely be put in EC unless tech is in a good mood.

Registration - If you are already tech'd, bring your yellow logbook directly to registration.  Before you arrive, log in and check your driver roster for accuracy.  Make any corrections ahead of time.  If you are paid with the correct drivers, check-in is a 3-minute process.  If you are not coming (work issue, car issue, etc), email me to let me know you will not be there.

Novice School - 5pm, location to be announced.

Pit Assignments - Here are your pit assignments.

Test Day - Atlanta Motorsports Park, Racing Analytics and DiscoveryParts Open Test Day.  
Dawsonville, GA, Discoveryparts, Racing Safety Experts and Racing Analytics, Race Vehicle Preparation, both located inside Atlanta Motorsports Park, are proud to announce a limited number of spots available on October 27, 2017.
This single day, open track format is for advanced drivers to experience the maximum amount of track time. This day, October 27, 2017, is the Friday before the Double 8 ChumpCar Chumpionship race. 
Full details are here
 and all questions should be sent to sales@discoveryparts.com
A reminder: read through and print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Katherine Miller here katherine.miller@chumpcar.com .  Any other questions you can contact me here info@chumpcar.com.

We're looking forward to seeing you all in GA!

The ChumpStaff

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Paul, Doc and I are a bit upset. I asked Mike if we could outfit the ShitVan (1998 Toyota Sienna v6) with a cage, and race with a camera mounted on a gimble.

He said, "Too funny. No." 
I believe he doesn't want us to win the chumpionship, thus making all you wannabe's look bad.


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 11.01.59 AM.png

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance. 

Dawsonville has selected the weekend of our race to hold it's Annual Festival. Traditionally this is held the weekend before this race. 
As such, the main roads though downtown Dawsonville will be closed for most of the weekend. 
If you are coming from 75/575 your route will be unaffected. If you are coming from 400/53/85 a few new routes are going to be suggested on this thread and hopefully in the email blasts before the event. 


AMP is still going to be inviting the locals out to watch our races, and they will be bringing their children in the evening for our Trunk Or Treat, so Please bring Candy (and don't eat it all before Saturday Night)

I look forward to seeing everyone and looking forward to being back out on track with you guys!!!


Feel free to email me at Justin@100mphlunch.com if there is anything you need from Atlanta Motorsports Park!!

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To answer the first question, strategy.  Either pit before red flag or at start of s unday.


Minor repairs are not allowed to happen during red flag.  Gotta do them before or after.


I am not sure what the exact penalty is, but in my understanding of the situation, you would be held for as long as you were making repairs.


This race should be treated as 1 long race.  There just happens to be a time gap in it.

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7 hours ago, revvhappy said:

Tell me about Park Ferme. If cars run a near perfect schedule of pit stops they will be out of fuel at the end of Saturday, 

Then it sounds like that may not be a perfect schedule of pit stops for this race 😜


so when is fueling allowed?

when the race isn't under red flag and pit lane is open. With red flag stoppages they may say something like "no pitting within 15 minutes of the red flag"

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

 Strategy hero or zero time ..  hint planning for different scenarios is a must .As the race unfolds the plan May have to adapt and if you stick to your one shot plan you will lose ..   have a glitch on Sat fill and be ready to get it on Sunday with minimal stops .  You can loose sleep thinkin about this stuff ..

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

   Double 8s or any park ferme race is scored just like the race is continus but I will say in my experience if everyones transponder hit's you may be going green the first lap Sunday. .  If your wating til Saturday  for sleep loss you don't think about racin as much as me ....

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43 minutes ago, okkustom said:

   Double 8s or any park ferme race is scored just like the race is continus but I will say in my experience if everyones transponder hit's you may be going green the first lap Sunday. .  If your wating til Saturday  for sleep loss you don't think about racin as much as me ....


I lose sleep for an entire week before a race, this just adds another level of nightmare... :lol:

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