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That's right.  I would like to help CC by serving on the board. 

 Short Chumpcar Background;  Started with CC in 2009  @ the Roebling Road and  Sebring. I have put many of you in cars as renters. 

 My racing background has spanned 40yrs. ( get off my lawn) ..  Includes many wins and many platforms. Including short track Buick  stockcars, SCCA Production cars ,Spec Miata , etc.   Our current Chumpcar is a 2000 Ford ranger with a Chevy 350 swap .

 I want stable rules with minor changes for the less advantaged platforms .


  I am against speed creep, against free stuff, even for my teams. 

 I am for  a  street/pumpgas fuel rule. 


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12 minutes ago, JBgotM said:

Could you imagine the look on John's face? :blink:


I remember John claiming that Mike started a new series that would be competing against Chumpcar. It turned out that John used CNN as a source, and it was just fake news. 

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Mike, you did approach me about some other series that you were going to be associated with that would be another option for Chumpcar style cars, but I did not pay enough attention to give it any real thought or to listen to any of the details that you were talking about. While you may have some racing knowledge, the majority of your opinions on rules for Chumpcar are way too far out in left field to be viable for the series. 


Not to mention, anyone that starts a post basically begging for people to nominate them as a board member is just silly.

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