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Going to toss Jeff into the running for one of the open seats on the board. He has been involved with chump since late 2013 when I drug him along to help crew.

He became hooked and has been a partner in the team since we started in 2014. He was also helpful in sorting the swap rule last year with providing option and ideas.

He is well balanced with lots of race car efforts and would give a solid balanced option for the board.


Team MiElan

Ecotech Miata

Mark Doubet the wrench

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Let me give you all a little more formal introduction.


I would like to serve the Chumpcar community by being on the Board of Directors.    This is our team’s (Team MiElan) 4th season racing, it’s all been with Chumpcar.  We have learned a ton about this silly game and still feel like rookies sometimes. We've replaced differentials and motors at the track, had wheels fall off,  had wires come loose, oh and we’ve had good days too, reaching the podium a few times,  but not that elusive win yet.  Always we have had fun, and made great new friends!


Like most of you my dreams of racing go back to laying on the floor with a fleet of Hot Wheels cars as a kid.  I started in motorsports in the Autocross arena with the SCCA in the early 90’s, progressing from local to national level competition.  I still do that, it’s a completely different sport with its own challenges.  I never figured I get the chance to give wheel to wheel racing a shot, it always seemed very expensive and the barriers to entry were just too high.    Thank You Chumpcar for providing an avenue that has let me cross a big one off the list. 


A little more of the boring stuff about me, I’m a lifelong Iowan.  I am semi-retired, working seasonally doing tax preparation with a local CPA.   This gives me plenty of time to devote to hobbies, (well really just racing) and doing some volunteer work with my better half in the summer.  (my wife teaches so summers are freed up) I’m currently the Iowa Region SCCA RE and have served on our board for a very long time. 


I am very interested in the continued success of Chumpcar.    I think the very nature of allowing folks an opportunity to race with such low barriers to entry is key.   I really have a passion for this part of the organization, and truly  believe it has to be a cornerstone of the organization.  That being said, we also have to allow for growth of current teams.  Everyone wants to keep working on their car, it can always be better, and for me the driving can certainly always improve.  So a balancing act of welcoming new teams and drivers and providing competition and challenge for the more experienced teams will always be important going forward. 


To be somewhat more specific on what I think is important for our series, rules stability and equity are paramount to the future of the series.  Rules need to be adjusted very carefully when needed.   Speed creep and cost creep need to be held at bay.  (Remember that low barrier to entry thing)  


I truly believe that the current staff and leadership are doing a great job.  I think we are on a very good path.   Areas that we need to improve on?  Being from the Midwest, I’d really like to see more development west of the Mississippi.  I know its east of the Mississippi but a race at Autobahn, in Joliet on the southern tip of a pretty substantial population center should sell out.   I’d love for us to have enough teams to field races at other Midwest tracks, and the obvious rebuilding of the West races.  I want to race with Chumpcar at the bucket list tracks in the west, it’s a pretty epic adventure for our team to pull that off,  it may take us years,  so they need to be around for a long time out there.  Really the west needs to be successful for the folks that live there.  They deserve the opportunity to have all the fun that goes with Chumpcar racing.  Seems like a challenge for the leadership of the series, pretty sure it can be done.


Member # cc008322

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7 hours ago, FlorahDorah said:

Very pleased to see you running. We met at Las Vegas a year ago (was it a year ago?). I am very interested in those candidates who have actually raced in the West Region.... :ph34r:

We had a great time in Vegas and enjoyed running with the west coast crowd. We really would love to run a few more of the bucket list tracks. We may see you once again!


Im sure Jeff would do a great job.

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8 hours ago, FlorahDorah said:

Very pleased to see you running. We met at Las Vegas a year ago (was it a year ago?). I am very interested in those candidates who have actually raced in the West Region.... :ph34r:

Indeed, we had a good time and enjoyed putting some faces with the teams we'd see in the results from the west.  


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  • Technical Advisory Committee
2 hours ago, JDChristianson said:

I'll be heading for Road America tomorrow,  I'll be working pit lane this weekend with the rest of the team.   


Give a shout if you have any questions or just want chat.




You guys are working the event and not racing this weekend?

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
14 minutes ago, JDChristianson said:

Yep. Have some fun, watch a cool race unfold and raise some Chump credits to help with our trip to Barber in December.      


Are you racing with Premium Dudes?  


Yes, I am racing with the Premium dudes. 


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2 minutes ago, JDChristianson said:

Nope we will be full on rookies there.  Can't wait 

You will love it. If you are into motorcycles the museum is a MUST. 2 days to give it justice. The Lotus collection is pretty impressive as well...


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