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Hey all, wanted to express my interest and availability for Chumpcar BoD.


my member number is CC001594


A little about me (in list form, because I like lists):

-Have been participating in Chumpcar since the first event at BIR, MN in 2010

-Served in a promotional role for Chumpcar in the early days alongside my teammate John B. (one of the first regional 'Chumpsters'). We had a booth at a few different shows and had our car on display at the Mall of America Rotunda; helping to explain and recruit for Chumpcar.

-I have experience with new racing series startups and have myself written rules and served in an advisory role for technical experience/perspective (no longer in this role)

-Degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

-Currently an automotive test engineer for a large military vehicle manufacturer, in a support role for durability and performance testing

-As such, I have a good mechanical aptitude and understanding of the impact of individual components on the performance/durability of a vehicle. 


In conclusion - I believe that leveling the playing field is an utmost concern in the minds of most Chumpcar participants. I think my experience and expertise would lend well to improving and maintaining close competition in Chumpcar, reduce outliers and keep Chumpcar sustainable.


Any questions for me, please let me know!

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