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'88 Porsche 944 for sale ($900)

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Up front: asking $900 

In North Carolina - not looking to part it (she really is a good little start for a race car!) 

1988 944 (base edition - Non LSD trans) 
117K + miles 
No title - bill of sale only (guy I got it from was doing the race car thing as well) 


Omp seat will not go with the car. Will have stock seat with it. Firebottle will go with the car. Has full charge. 

Me and a buddy were going to turn it into a Chump/World Racing League endurance car, but we have decided to shift directions (We currently race with the Racing For Heroes 325i entry). The car runs and drives. Only warning light is the brake wear sensors (see proof of life gauge photo). I have had it up 80 mph in current condition (needs new shocks) but brakes are good and no odd shimmying or mechanical issues. Does not overheat. 

Minor damage to the left rear...surface only, no frame issues. Used to be guards red, as you can see from the interior, no idea why it was rattle canned. Windshield is shot, needs lexan or a new one. Oil looked and smelled good when I drained it and threw some 20W50 in there, changed plugs as well (they looked great...a little rich though). I have not looked inside the fuel tank, but being the plastic one, I doubt there are issues. Pump runs great and there are no fuel starvation issues. There is (was?) a minor power steering leak (can see in the pics), but there is no noise coming from the pump and the rack works fine. There is whining when the engine is running, but it has been located at the back of the alternator (most likely an alternator bearing). 

The big question: I pulled the timing and balance belt cover off and checked them. They look very good (no deterioration of the belts and the tension is as it should be per the descriptions I read on the pelican boards (I do not have the tool)). That being said, I cannot tell you the last time they were changed, I have had the car for around 3 weeks and have run it up 4 times and driven it once for about 5 miles. 

I can provide video of it running if you would like or are interested in the car. 













I also have the full exhaust and fog lights. Exhaust will need work, but you can quiet it down from the glasspack that was on there if you want. 
Harness bar is for an early 911...but you can have that as well if you would like (for a little extra). 



Shoot me a note if you are interested. 





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