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Pacific Raceways permit review meeting.

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Well it's time again for the public to complain about race track noise and try to restrict operations at my beloved local track.

Any and all racers in the area PLEASE come to this meeting and show support for the track operations and the new garage EXPANSION!!

Some richy-rick nearby home owners who bought their houses cheap because of the track noise now want to restrict it even more.

I still hope Chump comes back here, but either way the track needs support from the gearhead community, THANKS!!


Pacific Raceways Annual Public Meeting Date/Time: October 11, 2017, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Location: Green River Community College Lind Bloom Student Center Building River Conference Room 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, WA The purpose of the annual public meeting is to discuss current operations and review compliance with the conditional use permit for Pacific Raceways. If you have any questions or suggestions for agenda items for this meeting, please call Ty Peterson, Commercial Product Line Manager 206-477-0449 or via email at Ty.Peterson@kingcounty.gov.

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Shoot. Wish I had known about this earlier. I would go (located in Everett area), but can't make it this evening. Please attach links to any online petitions etc related to this and I will support as much as possible from near-ish.

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