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Radiator Screen Material - Whatcha using?

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What are you trying to stop that you need more rigidity?

We use the (approx.) 1/8" square screen, make a "frame" that fits the hole, fasten screen to frame, insert in hole.  For large radiator openings we may just add strip of aluminum to each side and stretch the screen between the two pieces.  Never had a problem with it moving around or not stopping anything of reasonable size.


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I use two things now. The honeycomb radiator protector I got from Amazon a buddy showed me. Stuff is really strong and I basically mount it up against the rad.



The second idea I did was that I stole from the USS Enterprise as they have some gutter metal and bent it at 90 degree angles on itself so it looks like V's sticking forward. This way if you go off the grass and such will fall into the V and clog up the rad inlet and you can just pull it out the next pit stop. It is also another layer of protecting from debrit and large things going it. At Calabogie I had a rock throw up that was the size of a baseball and went right into the rad. This could have prevented that. Live and learn.


You can kindoff see the screen in this pick with the V's. Hard to see as it black and behind is black.


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On 10/13/2017 at 10:00 AM, Ron_e said:

Be cautious and watch your temps.  Anything you put in front of the rad will decrease flow and hence cooling.  We had some 1/4" mesh then punched some 1" holes everywhere to aid air flow.  

another point to be aware of is the angle.  if you put you 1/4" x 1/4"  square mesh at a 45 degree angle, they become 1/8" x 1/4"...  thus really hurting your flow...

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